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Lidl Relaunches Its Designer-Inspired Cast Iron Kitchenware Range

Lidl Relaunches Its Designer-Inspired Cast Iron Kitchenware Range

The three-piece kitchen line from Ernesto starts at £14.99.

Lidl has relaunched its hugely popular cast iron collection after the sellout range became a firm favourite among shoppers.

The three-piece kitchen line from Ernesto – which bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain French brand – starts at £14.99 and comes in a gorgeous cherry red hue.

And if the success of last time is anything to go by, the designer-inspired pieces are set to fly off shelves once more after they landed in store over the weekend.

The 5.7L casserole dish (

First, there’s the £14.99 cast iron 1.5L saucepan, which is described as perfect ‘for aromatic roasting, stewing or braising’. Cast in a durable enamel coating, it’s suitable for use on induction jobs and oven temperatures of up to 240°C.

Next up, the 3.2L shallow casserole dish which is priced at £24.99 and is ideal for cooking up stews and crispy roasts.

Finally, the £34.99 5.7L casserole dish boasts the same features and is ideal for roasting and slow cooking.

Both of the larger dishes are made with a drop system on the lid which aids airflow and moisture distribution, ensuring a moist and juicy roast every time.

The 3.2L shallow casserole (

It may look like a vintage throwback but cast iron kitchenware is growing in popularity once more due to its heat retention properties.

Unlike thinner pans, the dense metal retains its heat long after being taken off the flame or out of the oven - making it a popular choice for braising, boiling and roasting.

Lidl’s cast iron collection is available in stores across the country now.

Featured Image Credit: Lidl

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