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People Are Just Discovering Petit Filous Isn't Actually Yoghurt

People Are Just Discovering Petit Filous Isn't Actually Yoghurt

Sorry, WHAT!

People are just realising that the beloved childhood 'yoghurts' - Petit Filous - aren't actually yoghurts after all.

Yep, our minds are blown too.

Did you know Petit Filous isn't yoghurt? (

So what are they? Well, although they taste and look like yoghurt, it turns out that Petit Filous are in fact made from fromage frais, which is made using a cheese culture rather than a yogurt culture.

The difference is in the taste, and also the consistency, with fromage frais being thicker than yoghurt and essentially a 'soft cheese'.

If you're struggling to believe that Petit Filous is in fact fromage frais, the Petit Filous website explains: "Petits Filous fromage frais provides your child with the goodness of Calcium and Vitamin D."

Meanwhile on the Petit Filous pots, the main ingredient reads as: 'Fromage frais (Pasteurised semi-skimmed milk, Cream (Milk), Lactic Cultures (Milk))'.

Our minds are truly blown.


Others are shocked too, with one person writing online: "MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE."

While another said: "Mind blown it's not even yogurt!!!"

And a third added: "Childhood ruined 💔."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "One of the only ‘yogurts’ I like and it’s bloody fake 😂."

And a fifth added: "Nah wtf, I used to scoop these up every day as a kid and never liked cheese, still don’t, unless it’s melted. That’s a madness tho, I wasn’t even eating yogurt."

The ingredients can be seen online (
Petit Filous)

Others said it was obvious, however, with one writing: "Well, yeah. It literally says cheese on the pot 😂 🧀 🇫🇷."

While another said: "Fromage means cheese. Common sense."

"I mean they do literally have fromage frais on the packaging 😂🤷‍♂️," added another.

While a fourth wrote: "I'm sorry, worrying how many people thought this was yogurt 😂."

And a fifth said: "Why are people so triggered cheese and yoghurt are both just dairy products it’s not that deep."

Well, you learn something knew every day.

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