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Iceland has launched an aisle dedicated to Air Fryers with more than 250 products

Iceland has launched an aisle dedicated to Air Fryers with more than 250 products

The air fryer aisle is in one Iceland store for this week only, with many hoping it will become a permanent thing.

There is no doubt Brits' cooking and eating habits have changed over the years. While the old saying of 'whack it in the oven and set to 200' still exists, advancements in technology over recent years has certainly altered how we cook some of our favourites.

And one device that has become extremely popular in recent times is the trusty air fryer.

So much so, a recent poll done by supermarket giant Iceland and energy supplier Utilita suggesting 46 percent of Britons have either personally bought themselves an air fryer or had someone in their household buy it for them in the last five years.

44 percent of those said they were using their ovens less frequently as they own an air fryer. And 72 percent of participants involved in the survey said they would like to see more food packaging include air fryer cooking instructions.

Air fryers have become very popular in recent years.
Grandbrothers / Alamy Stock Photo

The popularity of air fryers has increased rapidly in recent times, with one woman even making her Christmas dinner in one last year.

Now that's some commitment.

Well, Iceland are now celebrating that air fryer-loving culture with the 'world's first' air fryer food aisle - which, as you'd guess, includes food items that are simply made to be cooked in an air fryer.

The supermarket say the aisle will operate throughout this week at its large Food Warehouse outlet in Charlton, London.

The Evening Standard reports the aisle contains 287 food items that can be cooked in an air fryer, including favourites like Greggs sausage rolls.

Also on the menu are cod fillets, chicken fillets, steak bakes and French fries.

Iceland seems to be on board with the energy saving cooking, as they have previously pledged to update cooking instructions on relevant packaging with ways to say energy.

The aisle is only set to be here for this week only.
Alex Segre / Alamy Stock Photo

While this air fryer aisle is only a temporary thing in one London branch, air fryer lovers will be hoping this particular aisle will be common across not just Iceland, but all UK supermarkets in the coming years.

Speaking about the 'world's first' air fryer aisle, Richard Walker, executive chairman of Iceland Foods and The Food Warehouse, said: "We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what our customers coming through our store doors are looking for, matching their changing shopping trends with fresh ideas.

“Introducing the world’s first air fryer aisle at our Food Warehouse is another exciting example.

“As the popularity of air fryer cooking grows, this aisle will give customers easy access to products that work perfectly in this time and energy-saving cooking appliance.”

Featured Image Credit: Alex Segre / Grandbrothers / Alamy Stock Photo

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