Butter Candles Are The Delicious New Snack Trend

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Butter Candles Are The Delicious New Snack Trend

People are making butter candles on TikTok and they're blowing our minds!

As long as you use an 'edible wick' - some people are using them as a quirky new snack, simply by lighting and waiting for the butter candle to melt before dipping in a chunk of bread. Yum.

You can watch a clip below:



So how do you make them?!

Well, one person took a stick of butter and wrapped it in cling film, before melting and moulding into a rectangle shape, placing the 'wick' inside and rolling into a candle.

They then smoothed out the candle, lit the wick, allowed the candle to melt a little and dipped in some bread.

It looks so delicious.


People can't stop commenting on the video, gushing about the idea and posting questions.

One person asked: "What about the wick? do you just remove or is it safe? edible?" And the poster replied: "It’s raw papers hemp wick so food safe 🥰 usually I would use beeswax ones but I was at my parents house for the holidays so had to get crafty."

Others suggested you could also use a herb to make the wick, while some asked if you could use cheese instead of butter to create a melty cheese candle instead.

It looks delicious (Credit: TikTok/@sooziethefoodie)
It looks delicious (Credit: TikTok/@sooziethefoodie)

One person commented: "I have been uninspired to make ANYTHING for months but this makes me ✨feel✨ something."

While another said: "I just imagined this but as a cheese stick. and it becomes ✨melted cheese✨."

And a third said: "This is COOL 😯 I definitely would do this!!"

And a fourth added: "I was about to pay $30 for this at a high end restaurant in Chicago 💀 ty so much for this!"


Other people are making non-edible versions of the candles, just to use as decor.

We love the idea of making these!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sooziethefoodie

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