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Taco Bell Worker Reveals Right Way To Wrap A Burrito

Taco Bell Worker Reveals Right Way To Wrap A Burrito

It’s like magic.

Sometimes, when you’re starving hungry, nothing beats cravings like a burrito.

But eating a burrito can be messy business – especially when you’re rushing to chow down.

Well, one Taco Bell worker has shown exactly how to fold a burrito so we get the perfect mouthful every time.

Watch the video below.

Taking to TikTok, Chicago native Marina shared her techniques that prevents any spillage or messiness when you bite in.

Laying the tortilla flat on the counter, Marina folds the side pieces together before dragging them out an equal distance.

The tortilla is then folded in half before tucking down the bottom piece to fit around the fillings.

Marina then tucks the edges of the top and rolls the burrito into the perfect, neat shape.

We can’t fault Marina’s technique, ten out of ten!

Marina first folds the burrito (
TikTok - marina94)

And we’re not the only ones full of praise for her nimble wrapping skills.

The video, which has garnered over 13.7 million views, saw thousands of comments with people full of praise for Marina.

“I’m saving this instructional video forever,” one person wrote.

A second agreed: “Not me watching this over and over to learn how.”

“The only way to wrap a burrito,” announced a third. “It’s solid, stable, easy, even distribution of the ingredients, and you don’t get a weird clump of ONLY tortilla.”

Others found Marina’s skills so shocking, they were almost sexy.

The burrito is then rolled (
TikTok - marina94)

“Ok, now I have to call her,” joked one person.

A second laughed: “This is very intimate.”

A third quipped: “Am I interrupting something?” and a fourth lavished: “This is perfect execution.”

But the person who was most full of praise was whoever was running the Taco Bell TikTok account.

“Your technique is flawless,” they wrote, in which Marina replied: “All I ever want to do is make you proud.”

Anyone else fancy a burrito for lunch?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@marinahd94

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