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Have We Been Eating Toblerones All Wrong?

Emily Brown

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Have We Been Eating Toblerones All Wrong?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sidneyraz

A TikTok user and Toblerone fan has claimed to have found the 'correct' way to eat the chocolate bar after years of apparently doing it wrong.

With their chunks of almond nougat and creamy Swiss chocolate, Toblerones are undeniably delicious, but their distinctive triangular shape does make them one of the more challenging sweets to tackle.

There's no chance of just ripping away the wrapper and sinking your teeth in to it – do that and you'll just end up with the point of the next triangle jabbing you in the nose. You could go for a more delicate sideways bite, but the least awkward move is definitely to break off one triangle at a time by wedging your hand between the slots and pulling away.

Or so we thought:


TikToker Sidney Raz has both baffled and amazed users by sharing his realisation that you're supposed to 'pinch Toblerone apart'.

Demonstrating his new method of eating the triangular bar, Sidney unwrapped one of the large bars and placed his fingers at the top of two pieces before pinching together. The chocolate snapped with ease, suggesting we've all been struggling unnecessarily for far too long.

It's unclear exactly where Sidney stumbled upon this new tactic, but it's safe to say it has captivated viewers, as his video has racked up 3.6 million views in just three days.

One viewer whose mind was blown by the advice commented: "Wait, so y'all don't just bite of the pieces and stab the upper side of your mouth with the chocolate's spike?" While another suggested the video had just changed their life, writing: "I’d always either break my teeth or break my hand."

Like most chocolate (other than a Kit Kat, where biting both bars together is a crime), there probably isn't an actual 'correct' way to eat a Toblerone, with one TikToker who claimed to be from Switzerland saying there was 'no correct way to eat it' as far as they knew.


This is backed by the fact an old advert for the chocolate bar actually shows a woman swiping the triangular pieces apart mid-air using a sharp hair clip and collapsing the lid of a piano on top of the bar; moves which could actually be quite dangerous, and which could just result in your chocolate falling on the floor.

So, while we might not have been eating Toblerone 'wrong' all our lives, there's a good chance we've been making it more difficult than necessary. Next time you pick up one of the bars, give it a pinch to find out.

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Emily Brown
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