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People Are Losing It Over Woman's Giant Garlic Sauce Order

People Are Losing It Over Woman's Giant Garlic Sauce Order

Garlic sauce fanatics will love this.

Lovers of condiments have been left in shock - and are completely obsessed - after seeing a woman's large garlic sauce order on social media.

Twitter user Hannah Louise posted a snap of her cardboard container filled with 250ml of gloriously pungent garlic sauce, which Hannah said she got from the Turkish restaurant Dom's Place in Clapton, east London.

She tweeted: "Ordered a 250ml portion of garlic sauce with our takeaway and I dunno what I was expecting but it wasn't this."

The image soon became viral, racking up a whopping 10,000 likes from online foodies.

One Twitter user jokingly called it a “forbidden smoothie.”

A second wrote: “I’d stick a straw in this and drink it all.” 

Another foodie did the maths for us and worked out just how many Dominos dips it would take to get the same amount of garlic dip in a container. “250ml of garlic sauce is a hell of a lot of sauce to order. That's like 10 Dominos dips. How many people were you feeding?!”

Some Twitter accounts praised the cardboard box for containing such a hefty amount of sauce. “Impressive containment, tbf,” one Twitter user replied.

Hannah gave the garlic sauce a fabulous review (

While a second wrote: “The box wasn’t leaking though which is impressive”.

Some people even dubbed the sauce soup because of the large quantity and we can totally see why.

“Eat it like a soup,” urged one commenter.

Another person wrote: “It’s garlic soup, slurp it babey. [sic]"

A third chimed in with: “That’s a decent portion to be fair”.


One Twitter user, who may have a particular fondness for interior design and supernatural creatures, brainstormed another use for the garlic sauce, writing: “That's some anti-vampire paint right there.”

It is unclear what Hannah ordered alongside her sauce although many people will make a connection to Dominos pizza, garlic sauce is actually used in lots of Middle Eastern dishes, including kebabs.

We have to try this!

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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