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You Can Now Buy Mint Chocolate Colin The Caterpillar Faces

You Can Now Buy Mint Chocolate Colin The Caterpillar Faces

If you can't get enough of Colin the Caterpillar just wait until you see these treats.

A birthday party or family celebration wouldn't be the same without the legendary, insect-inspired chocolate dream that is Colin the Caterpillar.

Every chocoholic knows the most scrumptious part of Colin is his face and luckily for fans of the cake aisle staple, Marks & Spencer sells Colin faces in packets for customers to nibble on without splashing out on a full cake.

Now, the supermarket chain has gone one step further by adding a fresh new flavour to their Colin the Caterpillar face collection - mint.

M&S have a whole range of Colin the Caterpillar-inspired products (

Just in time for Christmas, the mint ice Colin the Caterpillar faces are made from white chocolate, with milk chocolate detail on his eyes. 

Priced at £2, the packs are available in M&S stores now - and we're betting they'll be popular.

The packaging features an adorable illustration of Colin wearing a Father Christmas hat - we bet this is only the tip of the iceberg for the festive Colin snacks heading our way over the next few weeks.

The mint Colin faces were found by the Instagram food blogger @kevssnackreviews who gave them a stellar 8.5/10 rating.

“They’re pretty good, sweet and creamy and the flavour is strong if you like minty chocolates,” they wrote in the caption.

“Overall, a nice addition to the Christmas chocolate options this year! It’s nice to see something a bit different rather than the usual dark chocolate and mint combo.”

Instagram users fell in love instantly with the new Colin faces. "Interesting! Mint and white choc," one excited person wrote in the comments.

A second person shared: "My kind snack."

While a third woman tagged a friend and typed: "Think I might have to go to M&S and buy us a selection of this Colin things to try."

If mint isn't your flavour of choice, you can get regular Colin the Caterpillar faces for £2 at M&S.

Colin has inspired an entire range of products at M&S. We've even met his significant other, Connie the Caterpillar who was first introduced in 2016.

Marks & Spencer also sells regular white chocolate flavoured Colin faces (

You may remember the story of how the couple came to be. They actually hit it off at a friend's birthday party and got married in 2017 and they've sat coupled up on M&S food shelves living happily ever after since.

After being introduced to the party scene, it wasn't only Colin who fell in love with Connie. From birthday bashes to virtual lockdown celebrations, Connie has become a firm favourite with customers.

Colin and Connie can be purchased at M&S for £7.26 each.

Featured Image Credit: M&S

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