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People Are Making Caramilk Overnight Oats

People Are Making Caramilk Overnight Oats

These look so yummy...and they have Biscoff in too!

If you have a sweet tooth, this is going to be perfect for you. This recipe uses both Lotus Biscoff spread and Caramilk to create these overnight oats so that you can have a sweet treat for breakfast.

Check out how scrumptious the dish is below:

To make this breakfast staple, firstly start with the oats mix. The recipe’s creator, Noa, says you can include protein in this part if you like as well. Here’s the ingredients you need for this step:

•1 small ripe banana (80g)

•50g of yoghurt (your choice what kind)

•20ml maple syrup

•160ml unsweetened vanilla almond milk

•1tsp chia seeds (5g)

•80g oats

•20g salted caramel

To make the oats mix, firstly mash the banana in a large bowl and then add in the maple syrup and yoghurt. When all that’s combined, add in the milk and chia seeds and mix again. Now put in the oats (and protein if you’re adding this to the recipe) and mix it all up one more time until fully combined. You can then distribute the mixture into two small bowls or jars.

This recipe also contains Lotus Biscoff spread! (

Now onto the caramel. This is what you’ll need to make it:

•12g salted caramel protein

•2 tbs maple syrup

•10g melted Lotus Biscoff spread or peanut butter

•1 tsp of almond milk

Stir the maple syrup, salted caramel protein and almond milk into the melted Biscoff until smooth and then spread it over the oat mixture in their dishes.

You can make the ganache Biscoff-based if you want to switch it up from Caramilk (

Finally, the Caramilk Ganache on the top. There’s also an alternative way to make it purely Biscoff based if you already sneakily ate your bar of Caramilk. For this final step, you’ll need:

•25g Caramilk OR 20g white chocolate and 5g Lotus Biscoff spread

•35g coconut yoghurt

Add all the ganache ingredients into a small bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Let it stand for 15 seconds and then start stirring until you get a thick sauce. Pour this over the top of the caramel and place in the fridge overnight.

The next morning you’ll find it’s set and you have desert for breakfast! You can also decorate with a caramilk square or caramilk flake for that extra finesse.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/vj_cooks/noashealthyeats

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