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British pilot's chilling 999 call after he beat his wife Joanna Simpson to death with a hammer

British pilot's chilling 999 call after he beat his wife Joanna Simpson to death with a hammer

A haunting documentary about the killer has just dropped on ITV

A brand-new documentary about Robert Brown, the British Airways pilot who brutally killed his his wife Joanna Simpson back in 2010, has just dropped on ITV.

The docu-series, which currently has two episodes out right now, hit ITV at the start of this week (26 February) and reveals the chilling 999 call Robert made after he beat his estranged ex-wife to death with a hammer.

During the evening of 31 October 2010, the former pilot bludgeoned Joanna 14 times with a claw hammer while their two young children hid in the playroom at the family home in Berkshire.

From their window, his children then saw Robert putting his wife's lifeless body into the boot of his car before he drove to the woods of Windsor Great Park.

It was here that he buried Joanna's body in a garden box in a pre-dug grave he had dug a year beforehand.

Then, in a bizarre turn of events, the killer then called the police on himself and volunteered to be interviewed.

Speaking to the call operator, Robert explained he wanted to arrange an 'appointment' with police officers in order to discuss 'a serious domestic' with his 'ex-wife'.

Robert Brown brutally bludgeoned his ex-wife Joanna Simpson 14 times with a claw hammer.

When the person on the other end of the phone inquired over more information about the seriousness of the incident, Robert replied: "I really don't want to say anything actually."

He went on: "Well I mean it's extremely serious."

The handler then asked whether his wife had been harmed, to which Robert responded: "Well, one of us is."

And, even more harrowingly, when asked if his wife needed medical attention, the father-of-two simply said: "Err no."

During the police interview, Robert talked fairly freely to detectives about the events that took place before the brutal killing but, for a long time, he refused to say anything about the killing itself - simply responding 'no comment' to questions surrounding it.


The biggest twist in the horrific story, however, is that the trial jury found Robert guilty of manslaughter through diminished responsibility rather than murder after accepting he had allegedly been suffering from 'adjustment disorder' brought on by their divorce.

He was sentenced to 26 years in prison and became eligible for automatic release after half of that - even though he had not expressed any remorse for his heinous actions, had refused to cooperate with prison psychiatrists and psychologists with officials warning of his 'arrogance and narcissism', the High Court heard.

The British Airways Killer is currently available to watch on ITV and ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: PA/ITV

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