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Bridgerton star teases 'steamy scenes' saying viewers should be 'very excited' for new series

Bridgerton star teases 'steamy scenes' saying viewers should be 'very excited' for new series

You're going to want to clear your schedule on 16 May.

The countdown is well and truly on for Bridgerton season 3.

Ever since the trailer dropped, we've been pacing around and planning our binge-watch of the first four episodes, which is landing on Netflix on May 16.

The final four episodes will air on June 13.

We know that the third instalment of the Regency-era romance will focus on Penelope and Colin's friend-to-lovers pipeline, my absolute favourite juicy TV trope.

The trailer showed Colin asking his mother, Viscountess Violet Bridgerton, "Mother, do you believe the best foundation for love is friendship?"

So. Juicy.

Back in April, Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope, told us that the forthcoming season is the 'most romantic' one yet.

She shared: "We'd have moments on set where the crew would be like, ‘Oh, that's really beautiful. And that's the kind of love everyone deserves'.

"And when the crew say, you know, they're not, like BS-ing you. Like, they actually mean it.

"And then when they react, you're like: 'Oh, okay, I think we're onto something'."


In a bid to learn all we possibly can about the new series, Tyla sat down with Bridgerton's Elouise (played by Claudia Jessie) for the inside scoop.

Opening up about the dynamic between Penelope and Colin, she told us: "We’ve got two people that we’ve known since season one, and we do know where it’s going.

"We’ve all been waiting for it! So, I think the audience are going to be really excited that we finally get to see this story on screen.

"When they said ‘friends to lovers’, they meant it.

"I also feel like a lot of this season is about people discovering who they are and what they want. I think everyone is going to be very excited and they’ll get what they’re used to in Bridgerton."


When Tyla asked Claudia about what will set this season apart from the previous two, she shared: "We obviously get introduced to new people each year - in season one, we didn’t know Phoebe [Dyvenor] or Rege [Jean Page] ... and then we were introduced to the Sharma family in season two - but this time, it’s all about people that we’ve known and loved for a really long time. I think that’s what sets this series apart."


There are no words for our excitement.

Claudia also opened up to Tyla about if we can expect more steamy sex scenes - which, of course, the show is ever so slightly famed for.

She told us: "Yes, of course! I can't believe I'm going to have to say this again, 'Friends - to - lovers!'.

"There is... love. They're lovers! Okay? I don't know how to talk about steamy scenes, ha! You'll get them, okay? You filthy pigs!"

Well, if the shoe fits...

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