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Rebel Wilson shares sad reason why she's never met fiancé's family

Rebel Wilson shares sad reason why she's never met fiancé's family

The Australian actress has been engaged to girlfriend Ramona Agruma since February 2023

While silver-screen funny-woman Rebel Wilson claims she was somewhat forced to announce her sexuality back in 2022 - after allegedly being hounded by press - she has since maintained it was the best decision she could have made.

Despite finally feeling free in her sexuality - opening up on the ins and outs of her same-sex engagement to girlfriend Ramona Agruma in her recently-released memoir - the Australian star now claims there's been one heartbreaking consequence of 'coming out' that she has been forced to endure ever since.

That is, she has never yet met her wife-to-be's family.

Rebel, her fiance Ramona and daughter Royce. (Instagram/@rebelwilson)
Rebel, her fiance Ramona and daughter Royce. (Instagram/@rebelwilson)

For those unfamiliar with the star's relationship history, back in June 2022, Rebel, 44 - who had only ever hinted at romances with men when speaking to press - took to social media to announce she’d found a 'Disney princess' in fashion designer Ramona Agruma.

Months after her coming out statement, she disclosed that she and the businesswoman had taken the next step and were engaged to be married.

The Pitch Perfect favourite later revealed that coming out just six months into their relationship wasn’t exactly on her terms.

In an interview with Loose Women's Judi Love last month, Rebel explained how she felt 'forced' to make her sexuality public.

"There's a bit of a story though because an Aussie journalist was threatening to essentially out me… So, I was forced to kind of make it public," she confessed.

Despite the involuntary announcement, however, the loved-up couple's relationship appears to have since been going from strength to strength.

Rebel said her partner's parents are yet to meet her daughter. (Instagram/@rebelwilson)
Rebel said her partner's parents are yet to meet her daughter. (Instagram/@rebelwilson)

And in November 2022, she and her partner welcomed a daughter together via surrogate, who they'd named Royce.

In spite of the sweet family photos they twosome regularly share on social media - as well as the heartwarming relationship insights that the How To Be Single star included in her April memoir Rebel Rising - she has this week revealed their romance has been far from smooth sailing.

In fact, speaking to, the mother-of-one revealed that her fiance's family have been less than accepting of their relationship duo to a culture clash.

"Ramona was born in Latvia, and it's not as LGBTQ+ friendly as other countries are," she explained.

"I just think some people need a bit more time - and some people won't ever come around to it, and that's fine, and that's their decision.

"There are still parts of the world that aren't as accepting."

The couple got engaged earlier last year. (Instagram/@rebelwilson)
The couple got engaged earlier last year. (Instagram/@rebelwilson)

Rebel previously admitted on BBC's Desert Island Discs that her partner's father had cut off contact altogether after learning of her sexuality and plans to welcome a child with a woman.

"My grandparents, who are in their 90s, just so chilled and cool with it. Ramona's family, not as much. Her mum has luckily come around now, her father still doesn't talk to her, but we're hoping that will change."

She went on to reveal this week that her now 19-month-old daughter is yet to meet Ramona's parents, who still reside in the Baltic country - though she hopes they'll finally unite soon.

"I'm really excited to meet them because I know they are very smart. Ramona's mother is a doctor."

She continued: "Roycie is the real icebreaker - they've been FaceTiming with her."

Featured Image Credit: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images / Instagram/@rebelwilson

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