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Kat Von D converts to Christianity after covering her tattoos with solid black ink

Kat Von D converts to Christianity after covering her tattoos with solid black ink

The tattoo artist shared footage of the baptism ceremony on Instagram

Celebrity tattoo artist and famous beauty guru Kat Von D has officially converted to Christianity after covering her tattoos with solid black ink.

Von D, real name Katherine von Drachenberg, shared that she has finally been baptised just a year after she publicly renounced witchcraft and the occult.

The KVD Beauty Makeup Collection founder, who sky-rocketed to fame for her stint on reality TV show, LA Ink, took to Instagram to share with her 9.4 million followers a video of the symbolic ceremony. Check out the blackout tattooing process here:

The 41-year-old, who was born in Montemorelos, Mexico, previously opened up about she was getting her tattoos covered with solid black ink.

Von D shared an update on her Instagram Story a few months back about the lengthy process.

“Got so much done today!" she wrote over the picture. She also gave her tattoo artist Hoode a special shoutout for helping her bring the new design to life.

Before her back was covered by blackout ink, she had a tattoo of her mum Sylvia Galeano, the phrase ‘Mi Vida Loca’ and a cartoon of Broadway actor and samba singer Carmen Miranda.

Von D and the Philadelphia-based tattoo artist first started working together in December 2020 to cover the tattoos across her arms.

Kat Von D said getting her tattoos covered with blackout ink was 'extremely refreshing'.

She shared that she got the blackout design to conceal older tattoos that no longer meant anything to her and said the designs were ones she got when she used to drink.

The LA Ink star had been sober for 13 years at that point.

She captioned her post: "Feels so good to finally cover up so many of the tattoos I got back when I used to drink.

"Those tattoos meant nothing to me but landmarks in dark times, and I'm so lucky to have the best blackout artist @hoode215 cover them up for me!

"Now my arm looks so nice and clean, and the portrait of my Father stands out even more."

Speaking last year, the mum-of-one said that it was 'extremely refreshing' for her 'garbage, drunken tattoos' to be replaced with plain black ink, which she believed embodied 'sleekness and simplicity'.

She recently shared the baptism video to her Instagram.

Back in July 2022, Von D revealed she'd thrown out books about witchcraft, magic and the occult as they no longer 'aligned' with her.

Since then, just this week (3 October), Kat posted a short clip of herself getting baptised in a Christian church.

The video saw a small crowd of friends and family gather in the church while she wore a white robe as she prepared to be lowered into the holy water by a priest.

During the ritual, he can be heard saying: "Katherine von Drachenberg, upon your profession of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in obedience to His Divine command, I baptise you, my sister, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

After being placed in the water, Von D emerged and hugged the priest.

She captioned the post with a simple cross emoji.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thekatvond

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