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Furious fans slam Gemma Collins for ‘flaunting her wealth’ after she shares video of first class flight to Dubai

Furious fans slam Gemma Collins for ‘flaunting her wealth’ after she shares video of first class flight to Dubai

The TOWIE star has found herself in hot water

Gemma Collins has never been one to hold back when it comes to hitting back at her online trolls.

After all, the former TOWIE favourite is famed across the nation for her savage comebacks, diva attitude and no-nonsense nature.

And should we be surprised? Gemma has regularly been subjected to nasty comments surrounding her appearance, relationship history and notoriously sassy persona since she first took to the spotlight back in 2011.

In fact, just last week, the 43-year-old 'GC' had some words for her Instagram followers, sarcastically thanking them for having put her down all these years, being that she learned how to rise above it.

Sharing a jaw-dropping swimsuit snap from her ongoing birthday trip to the Maldives, the TV icon captioned it: "43 TODAY NAMASTE."

Gemma went on: "NO REGRETS - come to the Maldives to re connect with nature and ground myself for the year ahead - and to continue my soul purpose.

Gemma Collins previously thanked her trolls for their hate.

"And thank you to all the rejection the nos the your not good enoughs or people looking down their nose at me cause I was a reality star we all start somewhere and I’m proud to be a reality star !"

The ex-I'm A Celeb star continued her statement by comparing herself to Jesus, explaining that he was 'born in a stable and look what he did !!!!'.

"Your the ones who paid for my Maldives trip !!! X cause it made me stronger more determined and more focused," she teased. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME [Prosecco emojis]."

And we're expecting Gemma to once again clap back at her critics, after finding herself in hot water for 'flaunting' her extravagant lifestyle.

Gemma has been accused of 'flaunting' her wealth.

Taking to Instagram again, she posted a series of photos and videos, showing off the ins and outs of her first class flight to Dubai for a plush vacation with her partner Rami Hawesh.

In the clips, Gemma is seen reclining in her deluxe seating quarters, which came with a television, vanity mirror and bed.

The star also shared photos of Michelin-worthy in-flight meals - which were served on china plates - and her pouring a glass of fizz.

But it wasn't just the footage that set many viewers' teeth on edge - it was Gemma's accompanying statement.

"I made a PROMISE to myself that I was only ever going to get on the plane - and turn left one day," she wrote on the holiday reel.

The former TOWIE star has come under fire from some of her fans.

"Guess what …. I MADE IT HAPPEN …… ME just…. ME !!! Hard work pays off!!!" she went on.

"Please wake up today with a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET go for it go get it make those dreams happen - you all have the power within."

And - as expected - Gemma's latest social media post has gone down like a lead balloon with her followers.

"Trouble is, we all work hard and couldn't afford this," one viewer hit out.

Another commented: "I'll never get to fly Emirates full stop sadly."

"I work reeeaaaaaally hard and still can't afford this," a third admitted.

Someone else went on: "Have a millionaire mindset lol, I need the bank balance to go with it."

Tyla has contacted Gemma's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gemmacollins

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