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Tommy Fury Sleeping With Molly-Mae Hague’s Cuddly Toy On 'Love Island' Melted Our Hearts

Tommy Fury Sleeping With Molly-Mae Hague’s Cuddly Toy On 'Love Island' Melted Our Hearts

While the rest of the boys are happily cracking on with the new girls, Tommy Fury showed just how strong his feelings for Molly-Mae are.

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

Hooked on Love Island? Yup, us too, and the return of Casa Amor last week means things have just got juicier.

But while most of the boys looks like they could have their heads turned by the introduction of six new girls, Tommy Fury was melting our cold hearts last night by pining for Molly-Mae Hague, even sleeping with her cuddly toy.

When Molly-Mae left the villa, Tommy was left to cuddle up to Boo Boo instead (

Last night saw the original Islanders, both boys and girls, getting to know the new bombshells. While several of the contestants - including Curtis, Anna and Michael - looked like their original partners were becoming an increasingly distant memory, Molly-Mae and Tommy seemed to miss each other, with both sleeping on outside day beds rather than spend the night with one of the new Islanders.

Tommy wasn't just adorable in his fierce loyalty to Molly-Mae, but fans said they were "crying" after seeing him snuggling with the elephant teddy bear, named Boo Boo.

One fan posted: "this sh*t was the cutest sh*t ever. yes i'm crying", while another wrote: "Tommy is officially my favourite, him sleeping with the elephant from Molly-Mae is just precious".

Another pointed out the disparity between Tommy and the other boys, saying: "cant cope with all the boys getting their heads turned and talking about how gorgeous the new girls are whilst tommy sits with molly maes elephant on his chest."

Tommy and Molly-Mae's relationship has gone from strength to strength (

While someone said how disappointing Michael's behaviour was in comparison to Tommy, saying: "Michael is lying in the day bed wondering if he should've gone to bed with another girl while Tommy's gone to bed cuddling Molly's elephant teddy, says it all really doesn't it".

While it's early days in Casa Amor, we're hoping that until the original girls come back to the villa, the only thing in Tommy's bed will continue to be Boo Boo.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2

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