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Teen First Dates Viewers Left Baffled By Dates Bizarre Question

Teen First Dates Viewers Left Baffled By Dates Bizarre Question

Romance is dead.

Ali Condon

Ali Condon

This week, people tuned in to Channel 4's Teen First Dates expecting to have their hearts warmed as they watched awkward and adorable teens try their hand at romance.

Instead, they found themselves cringing on their couches and wincing at the TV when one date was totally derailed by a nervous young dater.

Patrick, 19, found himself trying to woo his date Millie on the show, but completely threw her off when he asked her quite a bizarre question. Watch the moment here:

Before heading off on his date, Patrick told Channel 4 producers that he had been "friend-zoned" a total of four times in the last year, so we can imagine he was quite nervous going in.

After horrifying Millie with his first date question, Patrick was filmed telling producers: "I like asking weird questions because you get to know the real person. But at the same time, I sometimes embarrass myself a little bit."

And this was one of those times, Patrick!

People couldn't believe their ears when they heard Patrick's question and took to Twitter to discuss the awkward blunder.

Millie was less than impressed with her date. (
Channel 4)

"And now we find out why Patrick's always in the friend zone. #TeenFirstDates" tweeted one amused viewer.

"He was defo on for a second date until he mentioned eating dogs #TeenFirstDates" wrote a second.

And a third aptly noted: "#TeenFirstDates Asking your date if they would eat human or dog is the wrong way to go."

We're inclined to agree on that one.

One viewer sarcastically wrote: "Ffs. What's wrong with young women these days? When I first started dating, asking her if she'd eat human flesh, & then after she recoiled in horror, asking if she'd eat dog, were standard chat-up lines. #TeenFirstDates."

Patrick's nerves got the better of him. (
Channel 4)

Others couldn't help but feel sorry for Patrick, sensing his nerves through the TV screen.

After watching him throw his date off course, one viewer tweeted: "He was sweet tho I think his date took him way too seriously. Red flag???? Nah, just a nervous young man."

Teen First Dates is available to watch on All 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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