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Married At First Sight UK Will Be 'Supersized' With More Couples And Dinner Parties, Mel Schilling Confirms

Married At First Sight UK Will Be 'Supersized' With More Couples And Dinner Parties, Mel Schilling Confirms

It looks like the UK version is having an Aussie makeover!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Married At First Sight expert Mel Schilling has revealed the upcoming UK version will be "supersized" and follow the same format as the mega successful Australian series.

Ever since the sixth instalment of the Aussie MAFS ended earlier this year, we've been having withdrawal symptoms.

Now, confidence coach Mel - who is moving over to the UK to join the upcoming season - has confirmed that we can expect all of our favourite parts of the Australian MAFS - which fingers crossed, will bring all the juicy drama.

The UK version will be 'supersized' with commitment ceremonies and dinner parties (
Channel Nine)

Yep, there's going to be a major shake up, with the UK version of the show expected to feature more contestants, commitment ceremonies and dinner parties.

Speaking to Tyla Mel said: "I'm so excited, I've watched the previous versions of the UK series and it's so little compared to ours. It's very up close and personal but without a lot of the production stuff that happens with the Australian series.

"So the idea of being able to come into the UK with all the experience of the Australian seasons and with UK people - I'm very excited!

"It's going to be very much based on the approach we've been using in Australia. We'll be throwing in that different level of challenge to the couples, not just the wedding and the honeymoons but the surprise elements, too.

Mel confirmed the show will follow the Australian format (
Mel Schilling)

"And from feedback I've been getting from MAFS Australia fans in the UK, it seems they are very excited about supersizing the UK version."

As fans will know, the idea of having the commitment ceremonies and the dinner party tends to bring heaps of drama, like this TV gold moment:

Mel also believes the idea of bringing the couples together "changes everything".

"I think for the dinner party, it does change everything, it's no longer just an experiment about the couple, it's about the group dynamic and in a lot of ways the group becomes its own character. It changes the dynamics with individual couples and with friendships, too," she explains.

While there's been five seasons of Married At First Sight UK so far, the sixth season is expected to feature 10 couples, who will get married and head off on their honeymoons before returning to the UK with a whole host of married life challenges.

Mel's online coaching programme The C Word is coming this Summer (
Mel Schilling)

This will involve living in the same building, heading to weekly commitment ceremonies and attended those juicy dinner parties.

Mel explained that while casting for the shows, one of the things she looks for is authenticity.

"We've definitely learned over the years that the people who are successful within the experiment and have the best time and end up getting the most out of it are those that really want to be there and who genuinely have tried everything," she explained.

"Maybe they have been unlucky in love and just want to find that person. It's tapping into that motivation."

The series will air later this year and while there's currently no news on a release date, we'll keep you posted!

Confidence Coach and Relationship Expert Mel Schilling's online coaching programme The C Word, to inspire and educate readers on how to build their confidence is coming this Summer. Visit

Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine

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