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Man Insists On Splitting Bill With First Date For Heartbreaking Reason

Rachel Pugh

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Man Insists On Splitting Bill With First Date For Heartbreaking Reason

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

Dating can be a stressful game, and you have to be one tough cookie to brave it out. There are so many rules that you have to consider, and that's before you've even left the house.

One of the most controversial conundrums, though, has to be who pays for the date. While most people 'expect' the man to pay for a meal, others think in this world of equality it should be 50/50.

First Dates viewers seemed pretty divided on this exact issue when contestant Isaac sat down with Maya for the Valentine's Day special. The 30-year-old told his female date that the thing that was inducing his anxiety wasn't whether he'd find The One, but whether he'd be able to pay for their meal.


It seems as though the 26-year-old was following her date's theory up until that last bit.

She told him that she's 'quite traditional' and while she likes to be 'modern' in some areas, she reckons that the man should always pay, because, you know, equality.

Her theory goes like this: "Listen, the way I see it is if you treat me good, I'll give you the world."

Why agree to go on a date if you can't afford it!!:hushed:#FirstDates
- Dawn Williams (@dawn79_dawn) February 16, 2018
Isaac, did you not see her face when you first said about going Dutch? Absolutely no need to ask again.... and again....#FirstDates
- :sparkles:Kathy:sparkles: (@GinQueen13) February 16, 2018
He's already trying to split the bill #firstdates
- Jason Hall (@HallJason7hall) February 16, 2018

Sounds like they're not exactly two peas in a pod.

Then the date took an interesting turn when Isaac revealed that it's not because of some anti-feminism belief, but because he's struggled with finances in the past.

The 30-year-old was homeless for two years before eventually finding accommodation in a YMCA.

The poor guy, he's obviously financially struggling. It's 2018 be a decent human and split the bill esp when he's drinking fecking water. Have some compassion and see past your own selfishness#FirstDates
- Lisa O'Brien (@biddleres) February 16, 2018
Glad she split the bill. #ValentinesFirstDates #FirstDates
- Suzy :sun_with_face: (@Suzy1979) February 16, 2018

His problems were only compounded when his mum died of cancer.

Isaac bravely said: "I loved my mum to bits. I was always the mummy's boy. I just lost myself. Every day I was arguing with somebody.

"My brother kicked me out.

"'One of my grimmest moments you could say, there was a winter's night. I actually had to sleep with leaves covered over me, wrapped up in a sheet in the gutter."

That revelation certainly changed Maya's perspective and when it came time for the bill, she was more than happy to split it down the middle.

She told the camera: "Going halfs in the bill, usually that would be a complete no-no for me. He's got nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever, he's very romantic and I'm not used to that at all."

What a lovely tale to tell the grandkids.

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Rachel Pugh
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