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Pub Sign About Love Island Sparks Debate On Social Media

Pub Sign About Love Island Sparks Debate On Social Media

A pub sign criticising the IQs of Love Island fans has gone viral on social media.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

With millions of people tuning in to watch Love Island, it's fair to say that it is one of the biggest shows on television right now.

However, for every Love Island obsessive there are some people who simply cannot get behind the show and they are using IQ to shame fans of the dating show.

Helen Simmons posted the pub sign on Twitter (
Helen Simmons-Twitter)

Twitter Helen Simmons shared a picture of a pub sign that does just that and it has now sparked a debate on social media.

The sign reads: "Imagine having an IQ low enough to enjoy watching Love Island."

Simmons tweeted: "I've got a first from Cambridge bitch I'll enjoy whatever I like."

The tweet received hundreds of responses, with many people defending those of us who binge reality TV and other cheesy programmes.

One Twitter user responded: "The smartest people I know [watch] the dumbest reality TV. If you spend all day on an intensely academic career/university work, sometimes you just want to switch off and watch Too Hot to Handle or whatever."

People reacted to the pub sign criticising the IQs of Love Island viewers (

Other people defended their TV choices by mentioning their jobs and needing a fun escape at the end of a long day. One woman said: "It's nothing to do with IQ. I work 60 hours a week and my job is really demanding and stressful. I won't be made to feel bad for enjoying an hour of crap tv to switch off."

Similarly, another person replied: "I love a mindless hour or two of the Bachelorette. Heck, half the fun of shows like that is rolling your eyes over the silliness. I never understood that need to sneer at what others watch on TV."

Another account said: "Imagine being someone so desperate to appear to have a personality it's wrapped around making obnoxious signs judging strangers. How boring does someone have to be to define themselves on what they don't watch on TV? The snobbery is a weird obsession."

Some users took offence to Simmons using her first class Cambridge degree to call out the pub sign. "Being a snob about other people a snob... amazing," one user said.

"People who don't watch tv who think they're better than people who do?," one person typed. "Who are these weirdos? I read a lot, and I watch tv and I knit and I run, none of this makes me a better (or worse) human than anyone else, just let people enjoy doing things!

Love Island is on weeknights at 9pm on ITV 2 and ITV Hub. The episodes are available to stream on BritBox the following morning.

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