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Loose Women Producers Forced To Halt Debate On Childhood Waxing

Loose Women Producers Forced To Halt Debate On Childhood Waxing

Producers were forced to halt a Loose Women debate after Carol McGriffin disagreed with Nadia Sawalhaa waxing her 11-year-old's upper lip.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Loose Women producers forced the panel to halt a debate on waxing after the conversation got a little bit heated.

The debate started after Nadia Sawalhaa posted a video on Instagram of her waxing her 11-year-old daughter, Kiki's, upper lip.

Captioned: "No children were hurt in the making of this MOVEMBER film", the video had parents split on whether it was too early to start waxing.

Fellow panelist Carol McGiffin disagreed with Nadia allowing her daughter to be waxed and said that 11-years-old was too young.

Nadia explained that her older daughter, Maddy, had asked to have her upper lip waxed first and then Kiki asked afterwards.

She added that as the women in her family are 'dark', hair on their upper lip becomes more noticeable and that she would rather wax it if that's what they wanted than have other children make nasty comments.

Carol argued that Nadia was making her daughter to feel insecure at a young age.

Nadia asked the panel whether they would say the same if the child was being laughed at. She said: "What are we saying no for when somebody's laughing at your monobrow?"

But Carol replied: "You're already altering the appearance of an 11-year-old when she should be able to live with how she looks at that age."

ITV/Loose Women

Later in the debate Nadia asked when would be the right age to start waxing her child for Carol to reply: "When she is a bit older and starts being interested in boys."

This reasoning didn't go down too well with fellow panellists, Andrea McLean and Jane Moore as they argued with Carol that she was encouraging children to change their appearance for boys and not themselves.

The controversial comment led to the show to be cut short by show bosses, as Nadia told viewers: "Oops, the producers are in our ear shouting, 'no more, no more'. I think it's getting a bit too heated."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Loose Women

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