JK Rowling Opens Up On Her Favourite Harry Potter Theory On Twitter

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JK Rowling Opens Up On Her Favourite Harry Potter Theory On Twitter

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has revealed her favourite fan theory about the magical franchise on Twitter, telling her followers that Dumbledore representing death was the 'most fitting'.

During a Twitter Q&A with adoring Harry Potter fans, the British novelist was posed with the question of which she liked most of the thousands that are floating around on the internet.

Tagging the story's creator on Twitter, one person quizzed: " what's you favourite fan theory??"


The question didn't go unnoticed by JK Rowling, who replied back to them, revealing: "Dumbledore as death. It's a beautiful theory and it fits."

By the sounds of things, it doesn't look like she originally intended to make Hogwarts' headteacher represent death when she originally wrote the story, but on reflection, it seems like it fits in perfectly.

If you're not familiar with the fan theory on Dumbledore, then let yourself be enlightened...



In the final book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, fans were introduced to 'The Tale of the Three Brother's'.

The three wizards were all trying to cross a river and magically created a bridge to help pass the waters, which angered Death.

But instead of punishing them for outsmarting him, Death tricked them by offering each of them a reward.

One brother asked for the powerful Elder wand, another asked for the Philosopher's Stone and the final brother asked for Death's own cloak of invisibility. Put together, these three items are the Deathly Hallows, and whoever holds all three becomes the master of death.


But things didn't exactly go to plan for the three brothers, as the first was killed for the Elder wand. The second brother brought back his lover from the dead with the stone, but she suffered as she no longer belonged in the mortal world, causing the wizard to end his own life.

The final brother used the invisibility cloak to live a long and happy life, but in his last days he gave it to his son, greeting Death like an old friend.

Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Fans have long believed that the first brother was Voldemort, who sought the Elder wand to be powerful, but ended up being killed by it.


Severus Snape was thought to be the second brother, as he was in love with Harry's late mum, which led to his own death.

Finally, Harry is supposedly the last brother, as he removes the invisibility cloak to face death.

All of this combined has led many to think that Dumbledore was in fact Death, as when Harry was hit with a killing curse and taken to King's Cross station in a dream-like state, he is greeted by his 'old friend' Dumbledore.

It makes sense, and it seems like JK Rowling thinks so too.

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