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Jack Fincham And Dani Dyer Finally Reveal The News Everyone's Been Waiting For

Jack Fincham And Dani Dyer Finally Reveal The News Everyone's Been Waiting For

The couple have been inseparable since their time in the villa, and it looks like things are finally hotting up.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Love Island winners Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer couldn't be more loved-up if they tried, and now the couple have revealed the news that everyone has been waiting for...

That's right, they have officially joined the 'Do Bits Society' and fans honestly could not be happier for them.The lovebirds revealed the news on the reunion show on Sunday evening, after insisting that they would never have sex on telly throughout the series.

While Jani coupled up together in the first episode, the didn't 'do bits' in the villa for eight weeks, unlike the rest of their Islanders.

And it seems like her dad Danny Dyer was proud as punch of his daughter, telling fans that you don't have to have sex on a reality TV show to find love while she was still in the villa.

Instagram/Dani Dyer

The nation was pretty happy that the pair have finally done the deed after a long hot summer though, and shared their excitement on Twitter for the couple.

"Just proves you don't have to "do bits " to win , LOVE jack and Dani," pointed out one person.

While somebody else added: "Jack and Dani have really formed an organic relationship especially as they spent their two months in the villa without being intimate. They were really able to get to know each other's souls without the distraction of sex."

"Everyone cheering because dani and jack have had sex is amazing [sic]," joked a third.

Jack and Dani have been inseparable since the show ended a week ago, and the pair have already more or less moved in with one another.

The former pen salesman revealed that he's tight with Dani's soap star dad, and the pair text on the regs. They are yet to meet though, as the EastEnders actor is still on a family holiday.

Instagram/Dani Dyer

Jani are already talking about marriage and babies, but the pair want to take time to focus on their budding romance for now. Oh, you guys.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2/Love Island/Instagram/Jack Fincham

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