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A Brand New Ice Age Film Has Just Dropped On Disney Plus

A Brand New Ice Age Film Has Just Dropped On Disney Plus

Your favourite sub-zero heroes are back.

Ali Condon

Ali Condon

A brand new Ice Age film has just landed on Disney Plus, bringing some of our favourite characters back to the screen for some prehistoric pandemonium.

In The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, Ellie the woolly mammoth's possum brothers Crash and Eddie are heading out on their very own crusade in the latest Ice Age instalment, and they're going to get up to all sorts of trouble along the way.

Watch the trailer here:

In this action-packed animation, the brothers have grown tired of their lives in Snow Valley, and decide to head out on their own in search of independence and adventure. That's where Buck Wild comes in.

Fans will remember Buck - the weasel and dinosaur hunter - from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Ice Age: Collision Course, but will get to know him and his gang even better this time around.

And while Buck takes Crash and Eddie along on his adventures, Ellie, Manny, Sid, and Diego will be on their own quest to find the two possums and bring them home.

Producers Lori Forte and John Donkin spoke to Tyla ahead of the films release to discuss what makes our beloved sub-zero heroes so timeless.

"Each of these characters are different from each other but we can all relate to aspects of them in our own personal life... I think the key to a successful film is when the emotions that the characters are feeling are things that are relatable to all of us," says John.

Our favourite Ice Age characters are back. (

"I think that really is what makes Ice Age so attractive to audiences. We make them larger than life just to put a point on them but they're all things that we feel in big and small ways."

John and Lori shared that the new film was partly inspired by the pandemic and how it separated families during lockdown.

"Crash and Eddie want to leave, it's their time to go, but Ellie doesn't want them to leave," Lori tells Tyla.

"She's worried. And that's something that all families go through. Families grow and change, that's just the nature of family... Even when they're not together, they're still family.

"And that theme resonated during the pandemic because you might not be able to be with family, but it doesn't mean you're not family, it doesn't mean you can't connect with them, it doesn't mean you've lost them. They're very much with you."


Could we be seeing more from Crash, Eddie, and Buck in the future?

"I guess it really depends on how audiences respond," says Lori.

"If they want to see more, we have so many ideas that we could go to right now if they asked us to."

You can watch The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild on Disney Plus from today.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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