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ITV's New Drama ‘Hollington Drive’ Is A Must-Watch For 'Broadchurch' Fans

ITV's New Drama ‘Hollington Drive’ Is A Must-Watch For 'Broadchurch' Fans

It’s the new mystery drama everybody is going to be talking about…

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

If you're looking for a tense new TV drama to get your pulse racing then you're going to want to keep an eye out for ITV's latest offering - Hollington Drive.

The four-part series, recently commissioned by the channel, will focus on the lives of sisters Theresa and her older head teacher sibling, Helen.

The siblings are close, and the series begins with them spending a sunny evening together in Theresa and her partner Fraser's garden, where they are having a barbecue with their families.

But the calm doesn't last long, as when Theresa's 10-year-old son Ben asks to play in a nearby park with his cousin Eva, things soon take a dark turn.

The kids go to play in the park - but things take a dark turn (

Theresa makes no secret about the fact she is anxious for the children to head out alone, but Fraser is relaxed and tells her it will be fine.

She's right to be nervous, though, as the kids don't return on time - and when Theresa goes out in search of them she's left even more suspicious after she comes across them fighting at the edge of a woodland area.

Later that evening, the children are acting strangely subdued. Then the family's devastated neighbour, Jean, calls in, revealing that her 10-year-old son Alex has gone missing.

Try as she might, Theresa just can't help but wonder if her son knows any more about the little boy's disappearance than he's letting on.

The series is from 'Blood' creator Sophie Petzal (
Channel 5)

The neighbourhood all gather to help with the search for Alex, but what if he's been murdered? And what if the kids know more than they're letting on?

The series is being written by Sophie Petzal - who previously worked on Channel 5's Blood starring Line of Duty favourite Adrian Dunbar.

And it is sure to go down a treat with fans of ITV's most famous mystery drama Broadchurch, which was also a 'whodunnit' in which *everyone* came under suspicion - even those you'd least expect.

Hollington Drive has been commissioned by ITV's Head of Drama, Polly Hill. It will then be distributed internationally by All3Media.

A cast is yet to be announced, but we'll be sure to update you when we know more.

Notepads at the ready, we want to see all your Hollington Drive theories when this hits screens.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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