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The 'Holiday In The Wild' Trailer Is Here And It Looks Perfect

The 'Holiday In The Wild' Trailer Is Here And It Looks Perfect

It stars Kristen Davis as a stylish Manhattanite who gets snubbed before renewing her vows, so takes her safari honeymoon alone.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Your next cheesy Christmas rom-com is here and OH MY GOD IT LOOKS AMAZING.

The trailer for Holiday In The Wild is here and it honestly looks like a The Holiday and Sex and the City mashup - and not just because Kristin Davis is starring.

The film, which is hitting Netflix on Friday 1st November, sees stylish Manhattanite Kate Conrad (played by Davis) have her life turned upside down when her husband leaves her just before they were due to renew their vows.

Kate decides to go on their second honeymoon, on an African safari, all alone (see, the SATC movie reference, anyone?!) and embarks on a journey of self discovery in the wild.

She ends up staying right through the Christmas holidays as she falls in love with Zambia and develops a hot love interest, safari pilot Derek Holliston (Rob Lowe).

Kristin Davis plays stylish Manhattanite Kate Conrad. (

It's hard not to draw parallels with Kate and Charlotte York Goldenblatt (read: everything she says we hear as Charlotte).

Holiday In The Wild honestly feels like a SATC spin-off film if Harry had left Charlotte before renewing their vows and Charlotte had decided to follow BFF Carrie's lead and going on her honeymoon solo.

We're half expecting Carrie, Samantha and Miranda to come in riding elephants with margaritas in hand.

Yes, we are letting our minds go there.

Rob Lowe plays the handsome love interest, safari pilot Derek Holliston. (

Reviews for the trailer seem to be mixed, with some revelling in the simplistic holiday love story and others nitpicking its plot line.

"It has animals and it's Christmas. I'm in," wrote one person, speaking for us all.

"Netflix coming in with the cute rom-coms and lowkey Im here for it," said another.

"This looks really cute and just a sweet love story. Sometimes simple is okay!," shared a third.

"I think I watched the whole movie by just watching the trailer," shared another.

"I miss those early 2000's corny rom coms glad Netflix are still making them LOL," said one more.

It's a must for those who love baby elephants. (

Who are we kidding? We're watching this.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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