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Here Are All The Hidden Ghosts You May Have Missed From ‘Haunting Of Bly Manor’

Here Are All The Hidden Ghosts You May Have Missed From ‘Haunting Of Bly Manor’

Spoilers below (obvs...)

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

The Haunting of Bly Manor landed on Netflix at the weekend, and just like The Haunting of Hill House, there are more than a couple of hidden ghosts for viewers to discover.

Yep, you might think you've spotted them all, but we can guarantee there are a few ghouls that slipped your eye if you binged the show in one, terrifying sitting.

So, we've decided to list all of the hidden ones in one place, for reference.

It should go without saying that there are The Haunting of Bly Manor spoilers below.

Yep, collated by, there's now a guide of where every ghost and spooky apparition appears in the series.

In order to ensure it starts with a bang, the first episode of the series has the most ghouls, with 11 popping up in total.

The first ghost appears at around six minutes in (the man in glasses in the car), and then at around 15 minutes past we see him again in the mirror.

At 21 minutes into the first ep', we see another ghost in a top hat in the righthand corner of the staircase, as Flora takes Dani on a tour of the house.

Glasses ghost crops up a lot in episode one (

Then, the man in the glasses re-appears behind the bathroom door at around minute 27, and something pops up in the mirror just minutes later at 29 minutes past, as she's holding Lady in the Lake's doll.

It's just before half an hour in that we see a tall, dark, and pointy thing behind Dani's shoulder. *Shudder*.

When Dani goes to make herself a tea at 32 minutes past, it turns out she'd being watched by something with a hooked mask.

That dolls house is creepy AF (

Later, at 45 minutes in, when Flora is getting tucked in again, you can quite clearly see a dark figure watching her from the doorway.

Things are getting pretty serious at this point. When Dani picks up the doll under the dresser again (she's mad), the figure re-emerges in the mirror at around 46 minutes in.

Then, just one minute later the hooded figure is back in the bathroom, staring at Flora and Dani, before another ghost can be seen in the background of minute 50, after Dani escapes from the closet.

Another fun fact is that episode one actually gives us a spoiler of all the ghosts in the house. Just take a look at the dolls house...

There's the cloaked man in the bathroom, a nun in Flora's bedroom, a spooky doll by the staircase, a bearded man in the dining room, a lady in the attic, a soldier by the staircase, a young man (who turns out to be Peter Quint) in Miles' room and another spooky person in the living room.

We also see he Lady in the Lake, who lives under Flora's dresser.

This is a pretty big easter egg, so props to those who put the pieces together...

How many hidden ghouls can you spot? (

From then on out, the ghostly appearances lessen, but they aren't any less terrifying.

There's only one ghost in episode two, The Pupil - but its one of the scariest moments of the series.

We see Dani in the attic passing by a pile of dolls, but when she leaves, one of them moves on their own. Honestly, we've got shivers.

Episode three, Two Faces, Part One, shocks with a creepy dead soldier ghost at seven minutes in, which appears just behind Hannah's shoulder.

Then he rocks up again at 20 minutes in, before a little kid appears in the hallway at 30 minutes in, followed not long afterwards (at 35 minutes past) by a tall, shadowy figure behind Dani.

Episode four, The Way It Came, marks the return of the man in glasses, who first appears at 13 minutes in, followed by another ghost under the stairs at just over a minute later.

The ghosts just keep coming (

Fifty-minutes in, Dani comes face to face with the ghost of her dead fiancé, but while he might be the main focal point, eagle eyed fans also will have noticed another apparition lurking behind her, too.

Episode five, The Altar Of The Dead, sees just one spectre - but it's the creepy kid again. Gulp.

She appears in the corner of the shot at 30 minutes in, while Hannah is reflecting on a chat she had with Owen about Rebecca and Peter Quint's relationship.

Meanwhile, The Jolly Corner sees a little child ghost playing with Flora's dollhouse when she's being put to bed, at around minute 25.

This episode also features a hell of a lot of non-hidden ghosts as Uncle Henry tries to deal with his evil doppelgänger on top of the ghosts of his brother and sister-in-law.

Can you spot the little girl in the corner? (

And episode seven is the same. While there are no lurking ghouls there are plenty in plain sight. They must be getting braver!

In The Two Faces, Part 2, we see Rebecca and Peter Quint reflecting on their dark past.

PSA: this episode is also a bit raunchy - so if your kids are watching (why?!) cover their eyes!

Meanwhile, episode eight has one big shocker - Viola's portrait changes and becomes angry at 31 minutes in. While the moment will make you jump out of your skin, her rage is pretty inevitable, given her sister, Perdita, killed her and married her husband.

In the ninth ep, The Beast In The Jungle, we spot what looks like Viola in Dani's reflection in the lake about 25 minutes in, and the raging spirit again pops up in the water pitcher at 28 minutes in, then again two minutes later

The painting changes in episode eight (

Viola drops in for a final time at the 34-minute mark, as Dani is filling up the bathtub.

Then, the last spiritual appearance comes at the very end of the series, as Jamie falls asleep waiting for Dani to come back.

Blink and you'd miss it, but a single hand wearing a wedding ring appears on Jamie's shoulder as she sleeps.


Brb, while we go back and watch this whole series with a checklist in hand. How many of these did you spot first time round?!

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