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Harry Potter Fans Are 'Screaming' Over Deleted Goblet Of Fire Scene

Harry Potter Fans Are 'Screaming' Over Deleted Goblet Of Fire Scene

What was the reason???

Ali Condon

Ali Condon

Harry Potter fans are majorly confused after realising that one scene from the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is missing from the movie.

The disappearing scene is supposed to appear during the iconic Yule Ball when Harry looks for some solitude and accidentally catches Severus Snape confronting Durmstrang Institute's Igor Karkaroff

TikTok creator @whoisbelle realised that the moment was missing when she sat down to watch the film, and had to ask her followers if anyone else had noticed. Watch her video here:

Belle told viewers that she was at a loss after rewatching HP4 "at least eight or nine times this week alone" and had a lot of questions about the Yule Ball.

She said: "It's deleted from the movies now, I just found this out. I want to know what happened to this scene with Snape! Tell me why did they get rid of that?"

In the scene, Severus is breaking up the students who have gone to carriages for a little... alone time... while Igor tries to speak to him about the odd goings-on in the wizarding world ahead of Voldemort's eventual return.

Belle updated viewers in the comment section, writing: "So I actually just found out that apparently that scene is apart of the extended cut??? Like since when???"

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has a scene missing. (
Warner Bros.)

Harry Potter fans have different takes on the missing scene, though. While some older fans remember the scene perfectly, others have no recollection of it at all.

One wrote: "I'm literally screaming because we definitely should've seen Snape checking for people in the carriages!! What the heck!"

Another baffled TikToker commented: "Oh my gosh what?! WHAT?! Frick I hate when they do this?! like, where'd my scene go people!"

And a third asked: "Why do I remember this scene even though it's not in it:joy:".

"So I didn't dream that," a fourth fan said, while another vindicated viewer added: "WAIT I REMEMBER THAT".

Admitting that they had never seen the scene before, one shocked TikTok user wrote: "WHAT !!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEE. THIS SCENE BEFORE. WHERE IS IT?!?!?"

And another confused viewer added: "Huge Harry Potter fan here! And I have never seen this scene in my life!"

Did you know this scene existed? Or that it magically disappeared?

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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