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Gabrielle Union Confirms A 'Bring It On' Sequel Is Happening

Gabrielle Union Confirms A 'Bring It On' Sequel Is Happening

Grab your pom poms...

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Rejoice, Bring It On fans - Gabrielle Union has confirmed that a sequel is happening!

In fact, the actress' exact words were that it is "absolutely going to happen" - and this is the kind of 2020 news we need.

Chatting to James Corden recently on The Late Late Show, Gabrielle, 47, explained the sequel would be going ahead, and even pointed to Netflix's Cheer as being a catalyst for the reunion.

"It's absolutely going to happen, I think because we all got obsessed with 'Cheer' on Netflix. And it kind of brought back the whole love of cheerleading. And we kind of want to see where these people would be 20 years later," she said.

It's been 20 years since the original movie was released and although Gabrielle didn't name any names, she did hint that some of the OG stars could return.

Kirsten previously said she would be up for a sequel (

Reuniting with co-star Kirsten Dunst as well as director Peyton Reed and screenwriter Jessica Bendinger to mark the film's 20th anniversary last month, both Gabrielle and Kirsten started discussing ideas for a potential sequel.

"The impact, 20 years later, that this movie had and continues to have, that's awesome," said Gabrielle.

"So whatever that we may one day come up with, I mean, Kirsten, maybe we're like co-heads of the PTA. I don't know."

"Or we run a cheer school like Cheer," Kirsten added.

We already know Kirsten would be up for a sequel, after she told Kelly Clarkson last year: "If they wanted to make another movie, I would make another movie. Why not? It was so fun."

Gabrielle said it was 'absolutely happening' (

Meanwhile, last month, director Peyton Reed told Insider that he and screenwriter Jessica Bendinger had been discussing a sequel that would be a modern-day "generational cheerleader movie".

"Particularly with the thematics involved, I think that could be something that would be really timely. And hopefully something that would not shy away from the inherent issues of the movie," he said.

We need this ASAP!

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