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'American Murder': Chris Watts' Shockingly Low Lie Detector Results Revealed

'American Murder': Chris Watts' Shockingly Low Lie Detector Results Revealed

When quizzed on whether he murdered Shannan and his daughters, Chris Watts scored a strikingly low minus 18 on the polygraph.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Chris Watts' senseless murder of his wife Shanann, his two daughters and his unborn son shocked the world over this weekend as they watched Netflix's new documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door.

From the way he showed police around his home, pretending he had know idea where his loved ones were, to the moment he chillingly lied to his father about what he'd done, there were many moments of the doc which made people's skin crawl.

But one element that didn't make the doc was Chris' shockingly low lie detector result - another tell-tale sign that he was guilty.

After Chris was brought in for questioning in November 2018, his polygraph operator told him in no uncertain terms that she'd be able to tell if he was guilty or not.

But even she didn't expect his test to come back with a score four and a half times lower than the average liar.

Chris' polygraph took seven hours (

After seven hours of gruelling interview questions, where he spun falsehoods continuously, Chris reportedly scored minus 18, when the typical score for someone who is lying is around minus four.

Chris' test results couldn't be used in a court of law as evidence, but the damning result was enough to push him into a confession.

The murderer later told his father half the truth, admitting to have killed pregnant Shanann, but blaming her for the death of their children Bella, four, and Celeste, three.

Chris' low lie detector pushed him into confessing (

However, it later transpired that as well as killing Shanann by strangulation, which in turn caused the death of their unborn son, Niko, he had also smothered his daughters Bella and Celeste to death.

He disposed of his daughters' bodies in oil tanks and buried his wife in a shallow grave at his place of work.

Chris eventually confessed to his crimes ahead of his trials, and went on to receive three consecutive life sentences, meaning he is not eligible for parole.

You can watch the full lie detector test on YouTube in two parts: here and here.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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