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Channel 5 Release Trailer For New Documentary, Inside Chernobyl With Ben Fogle

Channel 5 Release Trailer For New Documentary, Inside Chernobyl With Ben Fogle

This is sure to be a gripping watch.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Channel 5 has just released the trailer for its new Chernobyl documentary, Inside Chernobyl With Ben Fogle.

You can watch it below:

Inside Chernobyl With Ben Fogle, will follow the presenter and adventurer as he spends a week living inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, 35 years on from the shocking nuclear accident that rocked the world.

The 90-minute documentary will air on Channel 5 on Wednesday 3rd March at 9pm and will delve into the devastating events which took place on 26th April 1986, when the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant suffered a huge explosion.

As a result of the disaster, radioactive material was released across Belarus, Russia and Ukraine - and even as far as western Europe, resulting in thousands of people being evacuated.

The doc airs on Wednesday 3rd March at 9pm (
Channel 5)

Incredibly, cameras have been granted access into the plant itself - including inside Control Room 4, where the events unfolded - as well as the deserted towns and forests in surrounding areas.

Ben must only spend just five minutes inside the control room, due to radiation safety restrictions.

In the trailer, Ben - who calls the experience the "most extraordinary journey" of his life - explains: "35 years ago, nuclear disaster rocked Chernobyl and the world. Now, I have unprecedented access to the most radioactive place on earth."

Ben touches 'the button that doomed Chernobyl' (
Channel 5)

Ben can even be seen pressing "the button that doomed Chernobyl".

Speaking about what it was like to film the documentary, Ben wrote on Instagram: "With unprecedented access, I explore the hope after the meltdown. Meeting the people who returned both legally and illegally to live off grid in the vast exclusion zone.

"And following the wildlife that has returned to this once toxic landscape. As the world recoils from the pandemic and climate change, what lessons of hope can we learn from the aftermath of the 1986 disaster that threatened the world?

"Getting inside the reactor and even into Control Room Number 4, I will meet the thousands of workers who still work at the plant to contain the fallout.

Ben calls the experience the 'most extraordinary journey' of his life (
Channel 5)

"I explore the legacy of Chernobyl as Ukraine seek UNESCO world Heritage status for its unique historical relevance."

This certainly sounds like a truly gripping watch.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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