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Amanda Holden Sparks Further Complaints With ‘See-Through’ Dress On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Following Nipple Row

Amanda Holden Sparks Further Complaints With ‘See-Through’ Dress On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Following Nipple Row

Leave the poor woman alone!

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

It seems like poor Amanda Holden can't do anything right these days.

Just one week after the BGT judge's dress sparked reports of 235 Ofcom complaints with people claiming they could see her nipples on account of the low neckline, the same thing has happened again.

People were offended by Amanda's dress (

Flashing her toned legs in a stunning asymmetrical black lace bodice, we think the 49-year-old judge looked amazing as she graced the panel for the final semi-final show.

However, unfortunately it seems some viewers have once again been offended, fuming at the fact they thought it was see-through and they could see her nipples.


"Maybe you should keep in mind it's a family friendly program, not a Playboy Wanna Be!!!!" said one outraged viewer, while another said: "Amanda I have to say, your dress sense of late is highly inappropriate for a family show. Boobs on show is embarrassing for children to have to watch. You have kids. Please think & dress more sensibly & appropriately..."

We think she looked great! (

"Times must be hard if she can't afford a full dress. Hope she doesn't catch a draft! #AmandaHolden" tweeted a third, while another said: "#BGT Jesus, Amanda, may as well have wore nothing love."

While another joked: "Amanda's dress is still just about Holden on #BGT #BritainsGotTalent."

Luckily it seems most of you are as fed up with this trolling as we are, and heaps of fans have come out in her defense. It's about time!

"I am so SICK of every morning seeing articles about how many complaints Ofcom received about what @AmandaHolden wore on BGT! Leave her alone she is a BEAUTIFUL woman and the dresses she wears are works of art!"

"I feel like poor Amanda can't do right for doing wrong" said another, while two enamoured fans commented: "Looking stunning again" and "Absolute rocket".



Luckily ,following last week's complaints, Amanda wasn't too phased, and hit back last week, writing: "Mmmm really?! Who has nipples this close to their cleavage?!" alongside a laughing emoji.

Let's hope she can laugh these ones off just as easily!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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