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'Peaky Blinders' Fans Are Certain They've Spotted Major Clue That Alfie Is Alive And Will Return For Sunday's Final

'Peaky Blinders' Fans Are Certain They've Spotted Major Clue That Alfie Is Alive And Will Return For Sunday's Final

Honestly, it all adds up. We are too excited.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Peaky Blinders fans can all agree that Alfie Solomons was one of the best characters the gangster drama has seen.

Despite his ongoing rivalry with fan favourite Tommy Shelby, viewers were left bereft when the Jewish gang leader - played excellently by Tom Hardy - was killed off by the Peaky patriarch at the end of season four after a showdown on the beach.

But now, fans are latching on to a possible hint in the latest episode of series five that the Alfie isn't dead at all.


The hint came at the very end of Sunday's night's penultimate episode of the series, The Shock, during a discussion between Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and the Billy Boy's frontman Jimmy McCavern (Brian Gleeson).

Now in a truce over their joint alliances with Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin), the men discuss suggestions for which gangs can support the fascist leader in London - which is where an unexpected namecheck occurs.

"I would suggest the most competent organiser of men in the south is Alfie Solomons," says Tommy.


"He's dead," replies a scoffing Jimmy, "and he's Jewish - and I'd say as far as our boss is concerned him being dead would be less of an obstacle than him being Jewish."

Here, Tommy doesn't say anything and the pair go on to change subjects.

It's no wonder the mention of Alfie has sent fans on social media into meltdown: there's the fact Tommy speaks about Alfie in present tense, as if he's STILL ALIVE, and that he doesn't confirm he's dead.

"Alfie Solomons is alive and he's gonna kill the fascist next week, I'm tellin ya," said one Twitter user excitedly.

"Tommy mentioned Alfie cash likes he's still alive?!?! [sic]," excitedly said another.

"I am positive Alfie is still alive and will return for the finale. Yes he was shot (in the cheek). Yes he has cancer (according to Alfie who might have lied)," speculated another.


Alfie was supposedly killed off at the end of series four during a showdown with Tommy on Margate beach, shortly after the Jewish mobster revealed he had cancer.

In the tense yet weirdly serene scene, as Tommy goes to kill him, the old rival makes one final play to take Tommy's life and ends up shooting him in the leg. At the same time, Tommy makes a shot to the face.

Alfie falls to the ground, and the nation wept, bidding farewell to one of Peaky's major players.


On closer inspection, it seems as if Tommy just clipped his cheek, adding to our suspicions nine-life Alfie may be secretly alive somewhere. EEK.

There's also the fact Tommy is looking after Alfie's dog, Cyril.

Before his died, Alfie had begged Tommy to take care of his beloved dog, who was never far from his side. But at the time, Tommy bluntly refused, leaving viewers questioning if he really was evil after-all.

"Well, his name is Cyril and he will be very upset and distressed, so you'll need to find him someone," Alfie then poignantly told him, just moments before Tommy ended his life and seemingly abandoned the dog on the seashore.

But fans were left overjoyed to see Cyril make an appearance in the current season, showing Tommy really does have a heart and chose to take on owner duties.

After Sunday night's Easter egg, we're wondering if Alfie is laid up in Tommy's country estate recovering from his disease.

Or maybe he didn't have cancer at all and it was just an elaborate coverup from Tommy and Alfie so that Alfie could help run his illegal businesses as he pursued politics?

Could Alfie help Tommy to finish off Oswald? He is a Jewish-hating fascist after all, so it would be fitting.

How amazing would it be if Alfie walked in and gave Oswald one of his legendary rants?


Featured Image Credit: BBC

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