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365 Days Fans All Have The Same Question About Laura In Sequel

365 Days Fans All Have The Same Question About Laura In Sequel

Did you notice this?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you were glued to erotic thriller 365 Days, you'll be glad to know that a sequel to the saucy film is just around the corner.

You can watch the trailer below:

Ever since Netflix dropped the trailer last week for This Day, fans have been obsessed. While some couldn't contain their excitement, others said they were actually 'blacking out' just watching it.

Some, however, had questions over the plot of the film, with many admitting they were confused over Laura's presence in the trailer.

In case you need a recap of the first movie, Sicilian mafia gangster Massimo kidnaps Laura while she's on a trip to Italy to save her struggling relationship.

In a not-so-romantic plot twist, Massimo gives Laura 365 days to fall in love with him. Essentially, what follows is a lot of sex. On yachts. In luxury hotel rooms. Pretty much everywhere.

Many thought Laura had died in the first movie (

The first film ends with Laura and Massimo getting engaged. However, in a twist shortly afterwards, Massimo learns that a rival gang are looking to kill Laura, and the film ends with her entering a tunnel in a car and failing to emerge from the other side.

After the first movie, fans were convinced that Laura had died - so when she appeared in the trailer for 365 Days: This Day, they were a little confused.

One person wrote: "Bruhhh I thought she died, soo happy they're back [sic]."

While another said: "Omg laura isn't even dead bcs there is 365 days pt 2 coming out.... [sic]"

And a third added: "OMG on the last 365 I thought she died in the tonal cause he cried like sh*t. But WHATTTT SHE ALIVE? [sic]"

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I thought she died too, so what now? can't wait to see them back together again."

And a fifth said: "How are they bringing out a 365 days sequel? Swear she died at the end no?"

The movie drops on 27th April (

We can't wait to find out what really happened in that tunnel - and we don't have too long, with the movie dropping on 27th April on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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