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Gossip Girl Fans Are Feeling Nostalgic AF After Watching Reboot Trailer

Gossip Girl Fans Are Feeling Nostalgic AF After Watching Reboot Trailer

Let me find my old headband from school...

Charlotte Forrester

Charlotte Forrester

Ahead of its release next month, the reboot of Gossip Girl has finally got a trailer - and fans of the original series are already analysing every detail of it.

In particular, people are getting super nostalgic for the original series (and not just because Kristen Bell is back as the narrator!).

Naturally, they're also making comparisons to the OG cast...

The next generation are on those iconic Met steps once more (
HBO Max)

There's a lot of speculation on who the new characters emulate from the beloved previous generation. Who is donning the eyeliner as a tribute to Little J?

Who is dictating headband attire in lieu of Blair Waldorf?

Audrey Hope, played by Emily Lind, stirred up a lot of conversation as a significant part of the trailer.

While the blonde hair might initially beckon a Serena reincarnation, fans reckon the obsession with keeping up with appearances has a more Blair edge to it.

Who are the new S and B in the reboot? (
Warner bros)

One Twitter user said: "Emily Lind is like the Blair-ish one (but not exactly Queen B of course) of the group here, but it seems like The one with the Serena vibes here has Blair's attitude in this reboot. I think that's kinda exciting. Haha."

We get the feeling this reboot will have a few less Audrey Hepburn fantasies (
HBO Max)

With the news of the trailer dropping, fans also returned to Instagram posts from earlier this year on the new show's page, where the characters were introduced with a significant word relating to them.

The Instagram post of one of the most dominant characters of the trailer, Julien Calloway, accompanied her with the concept "Influence".

In the comments, users recognised how we have many different eras of the original cast to draw from with one commenter saying Julien resembles: "Serena vibes before boarding school".

Julien has her own runway moment like Serena did back in the day (
HBO Max)

When Zoya Lott was announced with the prompt "Perspective", people already jumped to the idea of Zoya providing a new POV that Brooklyn-based characters like Jenny, Vanessa and Dan did in the first couple of series of Gossip Girl.

One Instagram user said: "New Dan but a girl interesting".

Another suggested: "she's the mixed of the brooklyns".

Will Zoya fill the Little J-shaped hole in our hearts? (
HBO Max)

With the trailer out, fans also committed to drawing parallels between Zoya and Jenny. The trailer shows Zoya as a clear threat to the hierarchy of power at the school in the same way that Little J always tried to topple the mean girls.

Gossip Girl is now an Instagram account but don't worry, Kristen Bell is still the narrator (
HBO Max)

Originally with the character announcements, Monet de Han was teamed with "Power". This led to clear comparisons to the previous Queen Bee with one commenter saying: "The new Blair :fire:".

However, Monet has little screen time in the trailer which has led to fans thinking that Monet isn't actually the one running things on the Met steps.

"I can't they gonna gonna give us a glimpse of everyone story line expect [sic] Monet and Luna...they minions I fear", said one Twitter user.

Will any of the cast be directly linked to the original characters? (
The CW)

Users on Instagram also struggled to place Max Wolfe in the show (although he is DEFINITELY not another Lonely Boy). His Instagram caption of "Freedom" led to split opinion on which OG rich boy he imitates.

An Instagram commenter said: "He is giving me Chuck Bass :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: with a hint of Carter Baizen with freedom".

The trailer also led fans to wonder how much the show will directly link itself to the original series.

One tweeter said: "Hope he is related to Chuck Bass somehow".

Will the newbies ever live up to the OG cast? (
The CW)

Another Instagram user reacted to the trailer and said: "So far based on the previews the characters really lack the charisma of the OG cast. I don't see anyone that looks as expensive as Chuck or as sassy as Blair".

I guess we'll just have to wait to find out. You know you love it. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Featured Image Credit: The CW

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