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The World's Best Party Cities Have Been Revealed

The World's Best Party Cities Have Been Revealed

Some people like to travel and explore historical sites, others like to discover new types of food and cultural delicacies, while some prefer to relax on the beach and read a book.

Then there's the party people. The ones who go abroad for clubs, pubs and the ultimate night out.


Sound familiar? You're in luck. The team at Slotsia have compiled a lis of the top party cities around the world.

The casino experts have pinpointed what makes a night out in a new city special, from how cheap your drinks are to how safe you will feel walking home at night. Below are the 36 cities that came out on top.

Credit: Unsplashed
Credit: Unsplashed

1. Belgrade, Serbia

2. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


3. Singapore, Malaysia

4. St Petersburg, Russia

5. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

6. Tokyo, Japan

7. Seoul, South Korea

8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Bangkok, Thailand

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Istanbul (Credit: Unsplash)
Istanbul (Credit: Unsplash)

And these are the best destinations for...

• Amount of Bars and Clubs - London

• Casinos - Las Vegas

• Accommodation - Bangkok

• Transport/Taxi Cost - Bangkok

• Fast Food - Istanbul

• Price of a Pint - Cabo San Lucas

• Least Amount of Crime - Tokyo

• Best Safety at Night - Singapore

The reigning champion is the Serbian city of Belgrade, where every night is a Friday night.

With a low crime index of 10/100 and a high safety score of 70.83/100, you're almost guaranteed to have a safe evening out on the town.

What's more, a trip to the city won't burn a hole in your pocket. Two nights accommodation can cost as little as £26, and a meal at Maccas is just £3.98. The price of a pint? A mere £1.36.

Belgrade is home to 130 bars, clubs and casinos, making it *the* spot for all those special occasions you've got coming up.

You can find the full list of party cities here.

One-way ticket, anyone?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

Aisha Nozari

Aisha is a freelance lifestyle journalist, previously at STYLIST and PHOENIX magazine.


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