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Marvin Humes Reveals Why He And Rochelle Decided To Share Pics Of Their Kids On Social Media

Marvin Humes Reveals Why He And Rochelle Decided To Share Pics Of Their Kids On Social Media

Marvin and Rochelle shared pictures of their children for the first time last year.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Marvin Humes has revealed why he and Rochelle Humes decided to share pictures of their children on Instagram after remaining private for many years.

The 36-year-old JLS star shares Alaia, seven, Valentina, four, and newborn son Blake with fellow TV presenter and former Saturdays singer Rochelle, 32.

After keeping their children out of the spotlight with pictures that hid their faces, Rochelle shared a collection adorable snaps with their two daughters in January 2020 showing Alaia and Valentina on holiday and at home, much to fans' delight.

Rochelle shared a picture with their two daughters Alaia and Valentina for the first time in January 2020 (
Rochelle Humes/ Instagram)

"I think it would be weird for me to post this without saying anything...but we've made the choice to share a little bit more of our family," Rochelle said at the time.

And speaking about the couple's decision one year on, Marvin told Tyla: "Initially we were super protective of sharing our children on social media.

"As Alaia got older, she started noticing things on Instagram and [...] innocently asking why and we didn't have an answer for her. So we decided just to relax a little and share a little bit of our children, how proud we are and how much they mean to us."

Last year October, Marvin and Rochelle became parents again when they welcomed their son Blake. On Tuesday, Rochelle appeared on This Morning where she explained the challenges of having a baby with little experience of the outside world due to lockdown.

They were able to introduce Blake to family and friends back in November, just before the country went back into lockdown. "We were super hesitant because obviously their immune systems are so low, we were cautious about him meeting people. When restrictions lift he will be meeting the rest of the family for sure."

Rochelle with Alaia, Valentina and Blake (
Rochelle Humes/ Instagram)

After welcoming two daughters into the world, Marvin says adding a son to their brood is "family complete."

"He's the third child so we are a lot more relaxed than we were with our first," he says. "He's grown up so fast, which is weird because we haven't done much but the last five months has literally flown by."

JLS fans across the country will be pleased to know that the band's children are all well acquainted. Rochelle had a Zoom birthday party last week which featured some very special guests. "Aston's children were on there, JB's children were on there, it was nice they could all see each other, we FaceTime and WhatsApp all the time! The JLS kids are a tight family for sure."

Marvin says his children and Aston and JB's children have all met and are a 'tight family' (
Oliver Rosser)

Marvin and Rochelle are one of the busiest couples on television at the moment. With the occasional guest hosting spot on ITV's This Morning to presenting the music game show The Hit List on BBC - which will begin shooting again in May - finding time to wind down and for themselves can be a challenge, he admits.

"The kids don't ever wind down, the only time they ever wind down is a bedtime story," he says. "Once that's done, Roch and I love just sitting on the sofa, glass of wine, put on Star on Disney+ for a bit of us time.

"If Rochelle has it her way, it's usually a chick flick, Pretty Women or Devil Wears Prada, which I don't really mind actually! If it's me then something a bit more hard hitting, like Prison break, or Notorious."

Marvin says he and Rochelle have found new ways to have couples time in lockdown (
Marvin Humes/ Instagram)

Finding the balance between couples time and family time has always been important and Marvin says they have managed to find new ways to have quality time even in lockdown. "Before lockdown we used to go out on dates and stuff but obviously at the minute, we can't do that... so we just do more with the kids they're are a huge part of our lives, they're everything to us."

"The kids go to bed between 7-8pm, so when Roch and I are home if we just want to chill out and have a nice take away and a couple glasses of wine, put Star on and Disney + that's a good way for us to chill out and steal a couple of hours to ourselves."

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Featured Image Credit: Oliver Rosser

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