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Kim Kardashian Angers Fans After Dressing Pet Lizard In Custom-Made Skims

Kim Kardashian Angers Fans After Dressing Pet Lizard In Custom-Made Skims

Kim posted a picture of daughter North cuddling her exotic pet on Instagram.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Kim Kardashian-West has received backlash from fans after sharing pictures of her eldest daughter cuddling their pet bearded dragon.

The 40-year-old reality star showed snaps of seven-year-old North posing with her pet in matching pink fluffy hoodie from Kim's shapewear range, SKIMS.

North West showed off her new pet on Instagram (
Instagram - kimkardashianwest)

Kim said: "Meet the newest member of our family...Speed. I really wasn't planning on liking Speed the way I do but she grew on me!

"Speed was really my BFF Allison's and we babysat for a eek and she never left and it's been months."

The reality TV star added that she had given Speed a "makeover" since she had been living at the Kardashian-West household, continuing: "Speed got a makeover with custom Skims Cozy and even the Lil Uzi jewel (Speed actually got the jewel a few months back; North always knows what's up!)

The lizard's appearance sparked concern (
Instagram - kimkardashianwest)

"North and her bearded dragon go everywhere together, it's kinda cute!"

While we don't doubt that Kim and North love their pet, the photos sparked concern amongst fans, who worried they weren't providing adequate care to their bearded dragon.

Several of Kim's 208 million followers took to the comment section to express their unease over the way the exotic pet was being looked after.

"I don't think they're supposed to be held like that," said one fan, while another added: "Not sure I agree with how this animal is being treated."

A third commented: "I am scared for this lizard's safety," while a fourth agreed: "Animals are not toys."

Others pointed out that the bearded dragon's skin and nails did not appear to be properly cared for.

"The beardie needs its nails looked at," said one lizard lover. "So overgrown. Please take to the vet. They're not toys."

"Please take that stupid [jewel] off its head," another added. "They have a sort of sensor (pineal eye) on top of its head to detect predators and putting something like that on it could cause an animal a lot of distress."

"Not only that but its nails!" the commentor continued, with a crying emoji. "And it's hard to see from the photos but from its eyes, it looks a bit dehydrated. Please learn more about this animal or give it to someone who will actually care for it."

Exotic Bearded Dragons require significant upkeep (

According to the RSPCA, bearded dragons are one of the most popular lizard breeds living in captivity in the UK.

Originally hailing from Australia, the charity urges those who have a pet bearded dragon, or 'beardies' lives in an environment which would mimic their life in the wild as much as possible.

The RSPCA suggests a bearded dragon should be kept in a secure and well-ventilated vivarium, equipped with a 'basking zone' which should be between 100-108 degrees, and a cooler end of 72-79 degrees.

They also require 10 to 12 per cent fluorescent UV tube at the hot end otherwise your beardy can get metabolic bone disease.

Living off a diet of insects and vegetables, bearded dragons need plenty of stimulation and exercise in their vivarium. If cared for properly, a healthy beardy can live for up to 15 years.

Tyla has contacted the RSPCA for further comment.

Tyla has also contacted reps for Kim for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - kimkardashianwest

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