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Jerry From 'Cheer' Was Loving Life On The Oscars Red Carpet

Jerry From 'Cheer' Was Loving Life On The Oscars Red Carpet

The star from the hit Netflix cheerleading show was called in to be Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars correspondent.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Forget the Leonardo Dicaprios and the Scarlett Johanssons in the room, the only person anyone was excited to see at the Oscars was Jerry from Cheer. And the star of the Netflix show did NOT disappoint.

Jerry Harris from the hit cheerleading documentary won the gig of a lifetime when Ellen Degeneres asked him to be her correspondent for the biggest night in Hollywood - and it's safe to say the 20-year-old brought all the same enthusiasm to the star-studded event as he does to the pitch.

Brimming with excitement, the Navarro College cheerleader took over the chat show's Instagram stories, interviewing some of the night's biggest stars on the red carpet.

Jerry was SO excited to be at the Oscars (

Showing up with his unparalleled energy, Jerry got the chance to speak to the likes of Brad Pitt - who won his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor - as well as Janelle Monae, Idina Menzel, Mindy Kaling and Billie Eilish.

Jerry and the 18-year-old Bad Guy singer seemed to bond in particular, with the Cheer star letting the singer try on his Navarro ring after she complimented it.

We're living for this friendship, and naturally the people of Twitter took to their keyboards in their droves to compliment Jerry's natural talent as an interviewer.

Jerry let Billie Eilish try on his Navarro ring (

"I hate to say it but jerry is literally the only person i care about at the oscars tonight," tweeted one fan.

"Jerry from Cheer on Netflix working as Ellen's correspondent on the Oscars red carpet makes me so happy," raved another.

"Jerry and Brad Pitt meeting is the only #Oscars moment I plan to ever speak about," penned a third.

"Why does knowing that Jerry from Cheer met Janelle Monae on the red carpet bring me so much joy?!," gushed another.

The 'Cheer' star was all laughs talking to Brad Pitt (

We're hoping this means more regular spots from Jerry on Ellen. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@theellenshow

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