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'When You're In Line With Yourself, You Make Decisions Which Take You In Different Directions' Angelina Jolie Sits Down With Tyla

'When You're In Line With Yourself, You Make Decisions Which Take You In Different Directions' Angelina Jolie Sits Down With Tyla

Angelina sits down with Tyla to discuss everything from social anxiety to coping with failure alongside co-star Elle Fanning.

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

She's the former wild child turned Oscar-winning actress with over 50 films, six children and an impressive slew of awards under her belt - and in her 45 years, it's fair to say that Angelina Jolie has packed in more than most.

She's lived in France, Cambodia and Los Angeles; been married three times - to Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Pitt - and is a doting mother to Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox. In fact, by her own admission she's a free spirit who has 'never felt settled', such is her appetite for life.

So we can think of no one better to dish out life advice than Angelina, who recently sat down with Tyla to discuss everything from social anxiety to coping with failure alongside her Maleficent: Mistress of Evil co-star Elle Fanning.

The pair are halfway through a whirlwind publicity tour when we meet them in London, but just hours after stepping off a flight from Rome they are surprisingly perky, cracking jokes and even treating us to a demo of their best party tricks.

In the sequel to 2014's Maleficent, Angelina reprises her role as everyone's favourite Disney villain - complete with black horns, blood red lips and cheekbones of steel - while Elle, 21, plays her adopted daughter Aurora.

The dark retelling of the fairytale classic also sees Maleficent facing a new enemy in the form of Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer), Aurora's would-be mother-in-law who's hellbent on destroying the Moors and the magical creatures that call it home.

Tyla meets Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning in London (

We can't give much else away at this point - it hits cinemas today so you'll want to buy your tickets pronto - but having got a sneak peek in advance of the official release, we can safely say it's got the Tyla seal of approval.

While questions about ex-husband Brad Pitt (who she is currently divorcing following the couple's split in 2016) are strictly off-limits, Angelina talks candidly about her children, her late mother and having the courage to make 'strong decisions' in the wake of a turbulent period - it's life advice that we could all learn from.

Angelina and Elle opened up on social anxiety and learning from your failures (

Tyla: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Angelina: Try to be good to yourself and try to appreciate people. I'd tell myself to appreciate every day with my mum before she passed away [Angelina's mother Marcheline died in January 2007 following a battle with ovarian and breast cancer].

I feel like I've done my best to enjoy my kids while they're young. But you also have to make mistakes, that's life. You can't go back, otherwise you'd end up differently.

Elle: Don't get stressed out about the small things. I used to stress myself out and get so anxious about the little things, but now I see the bigger picture. I used to care so much about high school - like friends and the social anxiety. Now I can't even remember my teachers' names! You grow up and you realise high school is not your whole world. You get older and then it's OK.

Angelina and Elle, pictured together in London, have forged a close bond (

Tyla: What quality do you encourage in your daughters?

Angelina: That their mind matters more than their outward appearance. Kindness, of course - but they need to know themselves, sharpen their minds and educate themselves. Always know that there's more to learn and value the chance that they get for an education, because a lot of girls don't. That's going to be who they are and nothing else matters.

Tyla: What was something you saw as a failure at the time but now see as a lesson?

Elle: In any job you have people telling you no a lot and you're going to get rejected. When that happens, you feel like that was the only thing in the world and it's just catastrophic. You can think of that as a failure or you can pick it up and be OK.

Angelina is back as everyone's favourite Disney villain Maleficent (

Tyla: What was the most pivotal moment that got you where you are today?

Angelina: I don't believe in a life path that everyone has, or that you're destined to be something. I do believe that when you're completely in line with yourself, certain things happen that are just amazing.

[There are] things that have led me to certain choices in my own life, led my to start my family, led me to make very strong decisions that took my life in different directions... but that were good.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is in UK cinemas from Friday 18th October

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