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Fans are losing it over Zac Efron's Valentine's Day post

Fans are losing it over Zac Efron's Valentine's Day post

Zac melted hearts with his post - but he's got competition

If Zac Efron hadn't already won enough doting fans simply by existing, then the image he shared on Valentine's Day is sure to do it.

The most romantic day of the year can probably be a tough one for celebrities hoping to celebrate their partners, because no matter how good their intentions, they're bound to make thousands of their fans jealous.

The same goes for Zac, who many would give anything to spend a bit of time with, but fans were actually free to imagine he could be the one for them yesterday, as it wasn't a girlfriend he dedicated his post to on Valentine's Day.

Thousands of Zac Efron fans were keen to be his valentine.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

The Bad Neighbours star isn't thought to be dating anyone at the moment, and instead used 14 February to gush over his little sister, Olivia.

Olivia is just three years old, and could be seen in Zac's post snuggling a stuffed animal while her brother sat next to her, reading a book.

Zac also happened to be shirtless in the snap, but I'm sure no one focused on that too much.

The actor described Olivia in the caption as his 'valentine', and posted it along with the hashtag '#happyvalentinesday'.

The sweet post caused hearts to melt all across the globe, with many fans taking to the comments section to gush over Zac's relationship with his little sister.

Zac's adorable post prompted a lot of gushing comments.

"Zac [crying face] like you know what you’re doing to us right??" one Instagram user responded, while another commented: "Just when you think Zac can’t get any more wonderful, there he goes."

Another, more descriptive fan wrote: "My ovaries just exploded."

Even though Olivia is only three years old, she already has people fighting to be her valentine as her other brother, Dylan, responded to Zac post to insist, 'no she’s mine'.

Dylan, who is just a few years younger than Zac at 31 years old, also shared his own post celebrating Olivia, making sure to put the actor in his place as he captioned it: "Sorry Zac, she’s already my valentine."

Zac is more than 30 years older than Olivia.
JEP Celebrity Photos / Alamy Stock Photo

I'm sure Olivia wouldn't mind accepting the offer from both of her brothers, but at least Zac has a long line of people willing to step in if she decides to go with Dylan.

Many fans responded to assure Zac that he'd been their valentine for years now, with one joking that he was playing 'hard to get' with her.

In spite of all the offers, Zac told Men’s Health in October 2022 that more recently he's been taking time to focus on 'self-fulfilment', adding: "I know that probably when I meet the right person, it’s going to be when I least expect it.”

Featured Image Credit: INSTAR Images LLC / Alamy Stock Photo/ Instagram/zacefron

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