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Rebel Wilson opens up about miscarriage heartbreak before welcoming daughter

Rebel Wilson opens up about miscarriage heartbreak before welcoming daughter

Rebel announced the arrival of her daughter in November 2022

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson has opened up about how she experienced a miscarriage before she welcomed her first child via surrogate.

Rebel, 42, announced the birth of her daughter Royce Lillian in November 2022, when she described the little girl as a 'beautiful miracle'.

She thanked her 'gorgeous surrogate' for bringing Royce into the world and said the baby had been 'years in the making', but she has now revealed that before welcoming Royce, she had worked with a surrogate who had suffered a miscarriage.

Rebel said surrogacy was the best option for her medically.
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The Australian actor spoke out about her experience during an appearance on KIIS radio show The Pick Up with Britt, Laura and Mitch today (15 February), while discussing her journey to motherhood.

Recalling her tough experience, Rebel said: "I tried with one surrogate to have the baby and sadly the embryo miscarried which is really…You get so excited when it takes and it was really sad."

Rebel said she was 'in mourning' over the loss, but said it was 'amazing' to have another chance at motherhood with a second embryo.

Reiterating what she said about Royce when she first announced her arrival, Rebel continued: "I really do think it's a bit of a miracle it happened.

"I'd been through quite a bit on the fertility journey for a few years but I was like, 'Wow.' Now I look at it and I have a family, I have an instant family kind of thing and little Roycey is amazing, she is such a little angel.

"She's so cute. She's smiling, it's her new trick, and she makes noises."

Rebel has gushed over her daughter, Royce.

Rebel suggested her daughter could follow in her own footsteps and become a 'singer or something', adding: "I played her the Pitch Perfect soundtrack and she loves it. I'm already making jokes that I'm going to put her on some Nickelodeon show."

As well as expressing her adoration for her daughter, Rebel stressed that motherhood is 'so hard' and said she has 'so much respect for all the mums out there'.

The actor has professional help from a nanny, and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma is said to be a 'natural' with little Royce.

"I have an amazing partner Ramona who is such a natural and way better than me at changing diapers and stuff," she said.

"It's just so hard. And then I was crying the other day because I was like, 'Am I never going to have a night just by myself to watch TV ever again?'"

While parenting might take some getting used to, Rebel has said her daughter is 'the BEST gift' and insisted she would get 'all the love imaginable'.

Featured Image Credit: Richard Milnes / Alamy / @rebelwilson / Instagram

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