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Paris Hilton, 41, shares how she looks just like she did 20 years ago

Paris Hilton, 41, shares how she looks just like she did 20 years ago

The star doesn't appear to have aged since she first appeared on The Simple Life back in 2003

Paris Hilton has revealed the secret of her age-defying looks and insists she prefers an all-natural route.

The 41-year-old heiress somehow doesn’t look much older now than she did when she first appeared on our screens in The Simple Life back in 2003.

Paris has previously revealed that she shuns Botox and fillers, and recently told Bustle that she much prefers being ‘all-natural’.

But in her case, ‘all-natural’ doesn’t mean low-key or low-tech - quite the opposite, as Paris explained that she likes to harness the power of electricity.

She said: “I’m all about being all-natural, and I feel that when you use lights and electricity, it’s amazing what the results are.”

The star also admitted to having a keen interest in skin, starting from when she ‘was just eight-years-old’.

Paris has barely aged since she first appeared in The Simple Life in 2003.
ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

She explained: “My mom taught me about all the different serums and eye creams, so ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a skin care routine.”

And when it comes to her current routine, Paris revealed there are ‘a lot’ of steps - and not just usual serums, peels and creams, but other 'gadgets' to keep herself looking young.

“I love Foreos and the Dr. Dennis Gross FaceWare Pro and the Luminance lights and all of the little gadgets,” she said.

“I get facials all the time. I love oxygen facials, Hydrafacials, and facials where they use the Neurotris machine which is an EMS [electromagnetic stimulation] device.”

Speaking last summer, Paris said she’d never had any cosmetic injections, despite their growing popularity.

She told newbeauty: “I’ve never done an injection—no Botox, no fillers. Most of my friends have been doing that for years, since they were in their twenties, but I’m so happy that I’ve not done anything.”

Paris, who married businessman Carter Reum in November last year, has recently spoken about undergoing IVF in an attempt to conceive.

Paris Hilton has had a skin routine since she was eight.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking to TMZ she confirmed that things were going well, saying: “I have tons of embryos that are waiting, we've been stocking up on a lot of them.”

Responding to claims her mum Kathy recently made about the couple ‘struggling’ during the process, she added: “I don't know where she got that, it's never been a struggle at all.”

She continued: “My advice is to do IVF, you'll find the right person, but I wouldn't just depend on that. I'm lucky I found my perfect half to do that with.”

Featured Image Credit: UPI / REUTERS / Alamy

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