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Molly-Mae defended after being criticised for taking Bambi outside

Molly-Mae defended after being criticised for taking Bambi outside

Molly-Mae just can't catch a break.

Molly-Mae is on cloud nine this week after welcoming her champion boxer Tommy Fury home from Saudi Arabia and getting their new family back together.

Hopefully, the new mum has been too loved-up to notice all of the judgemental comments popping up on her Instagram from other mums who think they know better.

Earlier this week, Molly shared a sweet photo of her and her month-old daughter Bambi out and about together, and the comment section went wild.

In the photo, Molly looked comfy in jeans and a hoodie with her hair tied up in a top knot.

Meanwhile, Bambi, who was wrapped up in her mum's arms, was dressed in a brown knit onesie, complete with a precious bobble-top hood.

As is always the way when a celebrity has their first baby, judgemental mums crawled out from the woodwork to point out everything wrong with Molly's seemingly harmless pic.

Molly shared a sweet photo of herself and Bambi on a cute day out.

Sharing their unsolicited opinion, one follower told the Love Island star: "It's [freezing], where baby's hat and booties? Hood up, yes, but cold gets in ears. It's winter."

Another warned Molly: "Baby is too small to bringing outside to start taking this your pictures. Get some rest girl."

Thankfully, it wasn't long before fans hit back at the hateful trolls.

"Leave her alone. Baby is not too small at all. And she doesn’t need rest unless she feels that way," one person argued.

A second agreed: "Baby is not too small for fresh air. As long as she's warm the fresh air is very good for her. Stop judging this girl when she's just had a baby."

And a third wrote: "Let's be real here, there [are] just some mothers on social media who just like to complain and put other mothers down."

The new mum has unfortunately been hit with criticism from parents who clearly think they know better.

It's only been a few weeks since baby Bambi was born and already the hateful comments are pouring in at Molly.

The PrettyLittleThing creative director was 'mum-shamed' not too long ago for going to the gym three weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

Critics argued that Molly should have been at home 'celebrating' her post-birth body rather than rushing to get it back in shape.

"A shame to see #MollyMae sharing videos of herself in the gym 3.5 weeks after Bambi was born," one person tweeted.

"Luckily for her she has a home gym but the new mums following her on insta won't have and her post is likely to make them feel inadequate."

Molly-Mae has also been getting hate for returning to the gym so soon after giving birth.

Fans and famous friends were quick to defend Molly-Mae online, though.

Amy Childs called out trolls who were giving Molly-Mae grief to 'back off' reminding them that 'it's her body.'

Amy, who's currently expecting twins, added: "It's entirely up to Molly what she wants to do - whatever makes her happy."

Meanwhile, Amber Gill, who appeared alongside Molly in Love Island in 2019, shared some of the criticism aimed at Molly on Twitter and wrote: "??? Delete this."

Thankfully, Molly has so far managed to block out everyone's unsolicited opinions on her parenting skills - let's hope it stays that way.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollymae

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