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Louise Thompson Opens Up On Lowest Moments Of Birth In PTSD Struggle

Louise Thompson Opens Up On Lowest Moments Of Birth In PTSD Struggle

She had to spend five weeks in intensive care after the birth of her son last December

Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has bravely opened up about her life with PTSD and anxiety on Instagram Stories.

The mum, 32, became a parent for the first time late last year, however, she experienced complications that resulted in a five-week stay in intensive care.

She shares her son, Leo-Hunter, with her fiancé and fellow reality TV star Ryan Libbey, 31.

Louise has used her platform for good since the traumatic birth and explained it resulted in her being diagnosed with both PTSD and anxiety.

Now, she has recounted just how suddenly a breakdown came upon her yesterday (21 June), telling her

1.4 million Instagram followers that it came 'out of nowhere'.

The new mum has bravely opened up.

She wrote: "I had an absolute catastrophic breakdown out of NOWHERE. It's like my brain thought I was full on dying again. Couldn't think straight or function for 40 minutes. Absolutely petrifying. Literally don't think I was triggered by anything."

"I had to take myself away because I don't like lowering the mood for Ryan or others and then I found some photos of myself as a child in my bedroom and I started screaming, 'Why did this have to happen to me?', feeling so angry and sad for my innocent vulnerable self. Honestly what is going on? [sic]"

The mother went on to explain she is taking an anti-depressant that is helping her to sleep more easily.

She continued: "My new anti depressant is quite good for sleeping so I take it in the evening and at least that helped me go to bed and reset to start today as a fresh new day, but WOW when I'm stuck in those moments I want to DIE in a big way [sic]."

The new mum followed this heartbreaking post up with another that showed her crying.

Louise has PTSD and anxiety.

"I honestly don't even have words to explain the suffering," she wrote.

"I just keep telling myself to keep going because light is around the corner."

Louise previously wrote on social media that her journey to recovering from the birth was not going to be linear, and she has had some massive wins too.

Back in March, she was able to return to the gym for the first time since giving birth.

Louise at the gym.

A source close to the reality TV star told OK! magazine at the time: "The dark cloud of her labour is starting to lift a little bit. She's starting to be able to do a few things that feel like the old her, go to the gym, cook. Hopefully, this is the beginning of her recovery."

If you've been affected by any of the issues discussed in this article, help is available through Mind.

Featured Image Credit: louise.thompson/Instagram

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