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Kate Moss’ Daughter Lila Flaunts Diabetes Device In New Campaign

Kate Moss’ Daughter Lila Flaunts Diabetes Device In New Campaign

This is so inspiring!

Lila Moss is once again flaunting her diabetes management devices, but this time it's for a new fashion campaign.

In new shots, Kate Moss' daughter can be seen modelling a tiny handbag crafted as part of a collaboration between Fendi and Versace.

Her sleeveless silk dress proudly shows her glucose monitoring device, which can be seen on her upper-right arm. The device monitors her blood glucose levels and helps Lila to manage Type 1 diabetes.

Lila appears have a FreeStyle Libre device, which are worn on the upper arm and provide real-time glucose readings. People with Type 2 diabetes can also wear the device.

The picture was shared on Lila's Instagram account and people praised the 19-year-old for showing the device as part of the fashion campaign.

Lila Moss wore her Omnipod on the red carpet.

One proud parent replied: "Just like my daughter a t1 warrior".

Another grateful mum wrote: "My 8 year old daughter [is] #typeonediabetic Thanks for sharing."

While a third commenter added: "Thank you for showing your libre, it means a lot for the type 1 community."

Last month, Lila was praised and hailed a 'hero' for wearing what appeared to be an Omnipod on her hip.

This device is also used for diabetes management, which is an alternative to traditional insulin pumps.

Karen Davies, Senior Clinical Advisor at Diabetes UK, told Tyla: “The insulin pump and monitor Lila Moss could be seen wearing at this week’s Met Gala are vital pieces tech that support diabetes self-management, not fashion statements, and nobody should be ashamed and hide them."

Lila Moss is Kate Moss' daughter.

After spotting Lila's outfit on the red carpet, one fan said: "Lila Moss showing off her insulin pump at the Met Gala makes my type one diabetes heart a little happier,” one person wrote.

“Lila Moss is my Met Gala hero,” another commenter with diabetes wrote. “Proudly displaying her insulin pod and CGM for the world to see. I wish 9 year old me could have seen her. Diabetic women are beautiful. Diabetic women are strong and courageous. Diabetic women can achieve their dreams.”

For help and support on diabetes, visit the NHS site here.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Patrick Hope/Kate Moss Agency

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