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Liam Payne Speaks Out On 'Changing Accents' From The Oscars

Liam Payne Speaks Out On 'Changing Accents' From The Oscars

Liam Payne has finally spoken about his ‘ever-changing’ accent at the Oscars.

Whilst the Oscars had lots of talking points this year (we're looking at you Will Smith), Liam Payne's odd interview and inexplicable accent was certainly one of them. But finally the former One Direction singer has spoken out about that interview and why his accent changed so much...Here's the video in question:

At the Oscars, a Good Morning Britain reporter spotted Liam Payne on the red carpet and asked the singer for his thoughts on the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident.

Although Liam had a lot to say about the Oscars fiasco, fans were too distracted by his strange accent which seemed to go through various changes throughout the short interview. While some detected hints of a 'Danish' accent, others thought he sounded Northern Irish or even Welsh.

Here it is if you need a refresher:

Now, Liam has finally addressed why his voice changed so much.

Speaking in an Instagram live, he said: "What can I say about that really? It was quite funny. I had asked Good Morning Britain, the presenter, I said, 'please don’t ask me too much because I’ve had a lot to drink and I’m under-ly educated about the Oscars.'

Liam is originally from Wolverhampton, but he didn't sound like it on Oscars night last month. (

"The very first question the man asked me was, 'What do you think about Will Smith?' Now can you imagine, imagine being put on the spot in that moment and knowing, 'I can’t say anything wrong because I’m gonna upset someone' and I just did the best I could."

He added: "I actually read back what I said and I stand by what I said. But I’m just sorry it came out in so many accents! I’m not even sure if it’s an accent I can do."

Born in Wolverhampton, Liam's accent appeared to change to being from the Netherlands to Italian to Welsh as well as various other nationalities with fans attempting to guess which accent he was trying to do.

Liam's accent appeared to evolve from Dutch to American to twangs of Welsh in his short interview. (
YouTube/Good Morning Britain)

The 28-year-old also explained in the Instagram live that his accent can change depending on who he is with. He called out former bandmate Louis Tomlinson, who comes from Doncaster, as someone his accent changes with.

Liam also blamed his evolving accent on friends he had spent time with before the Oscars, stating: "That day – I’ll tell you the truth – I was staying in a house with two German people, three people from Texas, one person from Liverpool and me. It sounded like one of those jokes people say where an Irishman and an Englishman walk into a pub!"

Liam ended his explanation by joking: "But it was funny, wasn’t it?"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Good Morning Britain/Instagram

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