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Kylie Jenner Reveals Why She Still Hasn't Shared Her Baby Boy's Name

Kylie Jenner Reveals Why She Still Hasn't Shared Her Baby Boy's Name

Kylie Jenner previously announced that her newborn son was named Wolf but she later said she planned to change his name.

Kylie Jenner has explained why she hasn't announced her son's new name.

The mum-of-two welcomed her son, formerly known as Wolf Webster, in February with partner Travis Scott.

A month after confirming their son's arrival and his name, Kylie revealed on her Instagram Story that he is no longer called Wolf and would soon get a new name.

Kylie Jenner gave birth in February. (

Kylie said: “FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore. We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

In a new interview with Extra ahead of the premiere of the Hulu reality series The Kardashians, Kylie was asked why her son's new name has been kept private - and her explanation totally makes sense.

“We just haven’t fully legally changed it or anything so I don’t wanna to announce a new name and change it again," she said.

"So, yeah, we’re just not ready to share a new name yet.”

Kylie Jenner has confirmed she is renaming her son. (

Weeks after giving birth, TMZ acquired the newborn's birth certificate which listed his full name at the time, Wolf Jacques Webster.

Kylie's son shares his middle name with his dad, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster II.

The birth certificate will be changed once Kylie and Travis Scott decide to legally change their son's name.

Based on Kylie's Instagram announcement, it seems the couple will keep their son's middle name.

Fans are eager to hear the new name for the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. In response to Kylie's explanation about why she's waiting to announce a new name, one Instagram user said: "I don’t blame her.. Everyone went crazy when she revealed the name Wolf".

Kylie and Travis have not announced their son's new name. (

While another follower said: "Let her take her time if she don’t need to rush over it. Kylie [is] being really mature about it."

The couple clearly love unique names, after naming their daughter, Stormi, who became a big sister the day after her fourth birthday, we can't wait to hear the new name.

Featured Image Credit: Extra/Kylie Jenner-Instagram

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