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Emotional Kris Jenner praises 'superwoman' Kim Kardashian

Emotional Kris Jenner praises 'superwoman' Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner has praised her 'superstar' daughter Kim for going after everything she wants in life

Kris Jenner has praised her 'superstar' daughter Kim for going after everything she wants in life.

Is there anything Kim can't do? Seriously, we're in awe of the reality star, who runs successful brands, walks in fashion shows and is training to become a lawyer.

The mum of four has also been through her fair share of s***, so we totally understand why her mum is singing her praises.

In an emotional new clip from The Kardashians' season two finale, the momager gushes about Kim's strength and ability to balance her career and home life.

Sitting down for lunch in Paris, Kris shared her admiration for her daughter: "Well, I think like being here this week, it makes me realise how proud I am of all of them.

"But to just understand and realise how Kim has learned how to like it makes me want to cry, she finds a balance somehow that works for her. It might not be a balance for you, or maybe she's a mom. She's a superstar. She's Superwoman."

She went on to add that she loves how Kim sees what she wants and goes for it: "And just when you think she can't go anymore, she goes somewhere, right? It's law school, fashion shows, it's travel. It's Paris. It's every city on the planet. She literally has figured out how to deal with everything she wants to do in her life and figure out how to go out there and get it."

Kris spoke highly of Kim.

If that clip wasn't enough to get you excited for the season finale tomorrow, 24 November, maybe the reveal of Khloé's son's name will.

A teaser for the episode suggesting that Khloé's under-wraps baby name will finally be revealed, and it's safe to say we're more than a little excited.

Khloé shares two kids with Tristan Thompson; her firstborn, True, is four years old, while her baby boy was born in July this year via surrogate.

Kim owns succesful businesses.

However, his name has been kept secret... well, up until very soon, apparently, as the reveal has been hinted at for the final episode of the second series.

And some think they've guessed the tot's name already, as one person on Reddit suggests: "I have a prediction for Khloe’s son’s name (if they reveal it for the finale like the preview hinted).

"Paris Thompson - it would be a play on the episode’s name and the baby’s name. Anyone have predictions?"

And, given that the final episode is set to take place during Paris fashion week, we'd argue that's a pretty sound prediction.

But, we guess we'll have to tune into the show tomorrow to find out, and see Kris gush some more about Kim.

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