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Kesha says she almost died after freezing her eggs

Kesha says she almost died after freezing her eggs

The singer opened up about her experience of freezing her eggs

There's no doubt that Kesha is a hugely successful presence in the music biz as she rose to fame at the age of 18.

Back in 2005, the singer signed to Kemosabe Records when she was still a teen, with her big break coming in early 2009 after she featured on Flo Rida's number-one single 'Right Round'.

Since then, Kesha has been known for her endless hits, including songs such as 'Take It Off', 'Die Young', 'Tik Tok', and 'Your Love Is My Drug'.

But now, at the age of 36, Kesha has opened up about some pretty serious health complications she has been through in recent months.

Of course, from the outside we think any celebrity is living the dream, but as so often the case, the full picture is never truly revealed.

Kesha has opened up about her health.
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Now, Kesha is telling her story, even admitting that she nearly died after freezing her eggs.

In 2022, Kesha was diagnosed with common variable immunodeficiency disease - a disease that impacts the immune system, and puts her at a particularly high risk of developing recurrent infections.

After deciding to freeze her eggs, huge problems came Kesha's way - despite the fact the procedure is a pretty standard one.

Speaking to Self, Kesha said: "I almost died in January. I finally feel recovered, but it took a couple months. It was horrifying."

While performing on New Year's Eve 2022, Kesha became unwell in the Bahamas and got the point where she was unable to walk.

She was quickly flown to hospital in Miami, where she ended up staying for the next nine days.

Doctors put the complications down to her immunodeficiency disease diagnosis.

However, Kesha doesn't want to put what happened to her out of context by making a statement about about pregnancy or reproductive health.

"I just was taking my reproductive health into my own hands. And I stand by everyone doing that and [honoring] your body," she said.

The singer rose to fame when she was a teen.
Instagram / @‌iiswhoiis

She continued: "Everyone probably has some semblance of feeling like you share what you’re going through, and, at the same time, it’s almost inviting people to have an opinion about it.

"I don’t have that perfectly mapped out."

Elsewhere in the interview, Kesha spoke about her ongoing bulimia recovery, which began with a rehab stay back in 2014.

Recalling her decision to take that vital step and seek treatment, Kesha told Self: "I had a particular moment with my eating disorder when the anxiety just got so high that I was not functioning.

"It was taking up so much of my brain space, from morning to night. I was obsessed with what I looked like, what went in my mouth, what size things were, and people’s approval."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @‌iiswhoiis / Newscom / Alamy Stock Photo

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