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Fans Baffled By Clip Of Kendall Jenner 'Crying' On Red Carpet

Fans Baffled By Clip Of Kendall Jenner 'Crying' On Red Carpet

Why so sad?

The Kardashian-Jenners made their mark on the Met Gala this year and fans of the family are wondering why they all appear to be 'crying' in a video making the rounds on social media.

The video was posted by TikToker Ryan Swift and it has accumulated over one million views so far.

Watch the video below:

Before you offer reality TV's most famous family a box of tissues, you should know that their 'crying' face is due to a viral Snapchat filter - although, it does look very convincing.

Not only are people using the latest viral filter on themselves, they’re also applying it to videos of their favourite celebrities.

Some cheeky social media users are using the ‘crying’ filter to take pictures and videos of their friends to convince them that they looked sad or distressed at the time.

The filter has proven to be a success, with people sharing it across their social media platforms. The 'crying filter' hashtag on TikTok now has a whopping 22.5 million views.

Kendall Jenner attended the Met Gala this year.

The Kardashian-Jenners are known for being at the forefront of social media trends but now their fans have helped them jump on this filter trend before they had a chance to do it themselves.

People who viewed the video took to the comments after watching the hilarious clip. “Kendall is so cute even if she’s sad,” one Instagram user commented.

A second commenter quipped: “Kylie dropping her arms made it even better”.

People also noticed that the filter did not work on Pete Davidson, who accompanied his girlfriend Kim Kardashian on the red carpet.

Kylie Jenner reposted the video on Instagram. (

“And then there’s Pete,” one person joked.

Another comment read: “OMG this is hilarious”.

A social media user pondered: “I'm just thinking to myself, do they see these videos.”

It turns out Kylie Jenner saw the video and she reposted it on her Instagram Stories with four laughing emojis.

We're so happy Kylie approves!

In other news, Kylie shared an intimate video of her yet-to-be-named newborn son for Mother's Day.

The 24-year-old captioned the video: "Everyday should be Mother’s Day, thank you God for my two beautiful blessings."

You can read more about it here.

Featured Image Credit: @kendalljenner/Instagram/@rayxswift/TikTok

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